Top 5 American Filament Makers 2016

Top 5 American Filament Makers 2016

American Filament Makers

I’m all for cheap filaments. Like most of us, I don’t have a lot of money to throw around.  I print a lot, and I’m always looking for an excuse to print something so I rarely buy more expensive filaments.  When I do I try to by inside the US.  I try to support local business whenever I can. American Filament Makers also happen to have some of the best exotic filaments on the market and that is why I wanted to write about them.  The list isn’t in any particular order because they all have something I like. On to my 5 pics for US based filaments my favorite filaments from those manufacturers.


American Filament Makers -Afinia 3D

Wood pla - American Filament Makers
Wood pla

Founded in 2009, Afinia offers specialty printing solutions with support at accessible prices. Their parent company, Microboards Technology, has been offering media duplication products since 1989.

This one is the oddball of the bunch. It is the first wood filament I bought. At the time it was on amazon but you can only find it. My favorite filament to print with is wood. Printing with this was easy even on my china prusa clone. I don’t have anything bad to say about it but I only got the one spool. After that, it was hatchbox wood(when I can get it…) because it was more for less.


American Filament Makers – MatterHackers

Pro Series American Filament Makers
Pro Series

Matterhackers are one of the biggest 3D printer filament companies. They offer an impressive range of 3d printing supplies, software and printers (over 40 types). Matterhackers was founded when its founders noticed that it was difficult to find a wide range of supplies and good knowledge about desktop 3D printing.  The company offers free shipping, lifetime support, and free consultation.

I got a sample of the Pro series and I have to say I’m impressed. Print quality was fantastic. Most of the quality of a 3d print comes from your slicer settings and the quality of the printer but just like a car. “Crap in the tank . Crap on the street”. This printed better than anything I have run through the machine. Setting for setting it just came out better. If i was rich this would be my go to every day filament.


American Filament Makers -IC3D

IC3D’s mission is to enable curious tinkerers and inspire young inventors with the high-quality 3D printing gear they will enjoy, while exploring and expressing their inner creativity to the world.IC3D customers aren’t just buying the best products. They’re buying the trust, confidence, and security that can only come from a team who designs their products for themselves first, and the market second.IC3D filament is developed exclusively for 3D printers and manufactured in Ohio, USA, by us. 100% satisfaction and a trouble-free experience are the core components of our culture.

One thing I really like about this company is the Data Sheets. I wish more companies would follow this model. I know I can find the info if I look but they make it really easy to get all the info I need. Density is one piece of data I wish everyone would list.


American Filament Makers – Taulman 3D

Taluman 3DTaulman 3D is a 3D printing company that offers filaments. It’s specialized in selling filament materials like Nylon, t-glase, n-vent and specialty materials. Filaments come in black, white, red, green, blue, and yellow.

I have 4 spools of their PCTPE and it’s amazing. Prints easily and is just flexible enough to allow you to make things that might need to flex but still hold up. I have Printed replacement Weed Trimmer blades from this and they held up almost as long as the store bought ones. I love this stuff.


American Filament Makers – Proto-Pasta

American Filament MakersThe original is still the best! World’s First Carbon Fiber PLA was kickstarted by ProtoPlant more than 2 years ago. Others try, but can’t match the quality and ease of printing experience afforded by this product. Now available at a cost low enough for everyday printing, try a mammoth 3kg spool for large format printing! 1.75mm diameter 3kg spools contain more than 1 km of filament!  How cool is that?!?!

I can’t argue with that statement. They make some quality carbon fiber filament. Heck, I even backed that Kickstarter. For Ridgid parts this stuff is amazing. It still costs an arm and a leg but you can make some awesome Props with this that will last a LONG time. I’m sure only a couple of the business on this list are new to anyone but for 2016 these are the best US makers and some of the best filaments they make.



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