Get ready for Halloween with these simple prints.

5 Prints to get you ready for Halloween With just under 10 Days until Halloween, I decided to round up a few prints for those last minute touches. I loved Halloween as a child because we always decorated the house. None of those silly Xmas decorations masquerading as Halloween decorations either. We went full Adams family. I can’t […]

Sienci Labs Mill One

A little over a month ago I received a package in the mail I have wanted for a long time. Sienci labs sent me their Mill One for review. Before we go any farther, yes this is a review sample but that does not affect how I go about evaluating a machine. One way or another you guys […]

Use Smooth Sill silicone to get more from your 3d Prints

Make silicone molds for fun and profit This is one of those things that’s obvious to people that know about the topic and not so obvious to everyone else. Learning to use Smooth sill silicone can be just as rewarding as learning to use a 3d printer.Before I go on I’d like to give a little info […]

Can’t Get a Switch? 3d Print your own console.

Let’s Build a Gaming Console A couple awesome things happened recently. The switch came out today and well I can’t get it… Maybe this summer. Thankfully a lesser known thing just happened. The raspberry Pi Zero W just came out(that’s a mouth full) and I ordered 3 of them. Don’t judge me they are only like […]

Get more from your cyclops scanners

Laser mod I, like many of us, picked up a 3d scanner a while back and after many attempts to get things to scan started scouring the internet for ways to get more from my scanner. The review for that will come in the future as I am still testing mine. One of the things […]

5 kits to get more from your 3D Printer

Arduino/Clone Kits Most of us print toys and the random Print of the week cough furry lion cough but I like to think I print important things as well. These Arduino based kits are cheap and give you great places to start. A lot of people will tell you to just buy the electronics you need […]

3D Print Wood Working Tools.

Create your own mini woodshop. We All dream of having our own shop to build all the things we dream up but most of us just don’t have space for a shop. No reason to give up, just think a little smaller.There are so many projects that you can do on the small scale. Plus […]

Best Youtube Maker’s you have to be subscribed right now

Learn to Build Things Whether you’re a beginner or an old school maker I’m sure you’ll find some Youtube Maker’s worth it subscribed. I love Youtube, I learned more from Youtube than I ever did in high school and I wasn’t a lazy student. The teachers did what they could with what they had but high […]

Cheap Mini DIY Timelapse Camera

Adafruit’s Mini DIY Timelapse Camera I saw this DIY Timelapse Camera and had to order the parts to make it(I don’t have them yet) I have been thinking of doing timelapse 3d prints for youtube. I’m usually 3d printing something so why not. This is a very simple build that can be very useful. The build […]

3d Printing Brushless Motors and More

3D Printing Brushless Motors – Rc Motors I love Rc cars, planes, boats you name it. I’ve owned one of just about every type of RC toy out there at one point or another and one of the many reasons I love 3d printing is because it allows me to modify my Rc toys. Usually, it’s […]

Media falsely attacks 3d printing again

Media Blames about 3D printer dangers once again. Sigh… Here we go again. People wonder why no one trusts the news anymore. I’m scrolling through my facebook feeds and found this lovely piece of journalism from nydailynews about 3D printing dangers. The article being titled “Couple found dead in Berkeley home killed by carbon monoxide leaking […]

Apple wants to 3dprint money with the Iprinter

Apple is working on a 3d printer Apple is gearing up for a new round of production on some mystery product.It’s supposed to be bigger than the iPhone. Like usual the rumor mill is in overdrive and everything from even thinner MacBooks to watches are being talked about.  I don’t think that is what they are working […]

Buy 3D printer clones or budget 3d printers.

Can I get a 3d printer for under 300$ No, Stop asking. Well..yes but mostly no. I guess that would be a maybe then. The answer is all of those because it depends on you and what you want. Here is the thing, if you know where to look you can get machines that work […]

5 Fun Prints for your new 3d printer.

You finally received your very own 3D printer. Now, what?  It’s up and printing your 3rd benchy. I must have printed 30 benchy’s and as many marvins when I got my first printer running. It didn’t help as much as I thought it would. Sure I got it running but I didn’t see larger issues because of […]

Helpful Holiday Safety PSA.

Tips to avoid that insurance call/emergency call I hope everyone got what they wanted for the holidays. I personally have more projects to work now than I have time available, so 2017 is going to be an interesting year. Enough of my problems lets talk about yours. I know some of you received 3d printers […]

Folgertech Kossel build Part 1

My Build and thoughts For a few years now I have pointed many people to Folgertech Kossel but I personally;never owned one. I did have it on good faith from some owners that they were a good printer. Well, I finally put my money where my mouth is and bought their Delta. Now I’m not […]

Shameful reporting blames 3d printer for explosion to spread fear and clickbait.

Shameful Reporting. – 3D printing clickbait This 3D printing clickbait is the sort of thing that pisses me off. It’s often the case that the media will sensationalize anything negative about new tech. Apple and Samsung can attest to this but this is clearly a case of miss information. If the printer had caught fire on its […]

More printable tools worth adding to your workbench.

I’ve been gone for a while. Between college and my day job, It’s been hard to find time to get out a post so for those of you that actually read my articles I just wanted to apologize I’m going to try to work out a post a week. While I was away I was still […]

Governments are trying to control what you can print.

Get involved on 3d printed gun problem I don’t normally jump in on the anti-gun issues or the 3d printed gun issues but please stay with me, this is bigger than the US and our love/hatred for the second amendment. We need to pay attention to the information laws being passed these days. 3d printing has […]

Fixing the Wanhao Duplicator I3 Plus 3D Printer (public service announcement )

Fixing the Wanhao Duplicator I3 Plus 3D Printer I tend to be a bit more paranoid than most when it comes to 3dprinter and what can go wrong, only because I built most of mine instead of buying a ready to print machine. So when I saw this Wanhao Duplicator I3, I had to spread […]

6 More printable tools worth adding to your workbench

6 More printable tools worth adding to your workbench. As the owner of a 3d printer, anytime I can print something instead of buying something makes me happy. So one thing I keep an eye out for are tools or other things I can add to my workbench that does more than just cover it with […]

Top 5 American Filament Makers 2016

Top 5 American Filament Makers 2016 I’m all for cheap filaments. Like most of us, I don’t have a lot of money to throw around.  I print a lot, and I’m always looking for an excuse to print something so I rarely buy more expensive filaments.  When I do I try to by inside the […]

Design a nerf blaster and win an ultimaker.

Design a Nerf Blaster and win an ultimaker. 3D Printing Is running a Nerf Blaster contest until 9/23/2016, with a grand prize of an ultimaker. To enter you must first go to Facebook and join the 3d Printing Group. To win all you need to do is design, print and enter a blaster you make. The rules are […]