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7 3D-Printable Tools worth adding to your Workbench.

Everyone that owns a 3d printer has his vices. We print out those random things we find online and we print a lot of...

The best Free software for 3d printing and modeling 2018

What free software can I get? "Can I get X free software?" I Either see this asked or get asked this on an almost daily...

Turn a Broken 3d printer into a working CNC

Build a cnc From the ashes of a dead printer. I've decided to build a small but usable cnc out of stuff mostly sitting around...

Zcatch The nozzle removal tool

Zcatch a new tool for your trade or a solution without a problem? Normally I don't support custom one use tools. This is a case where one could make an argument though so that's what I'm here to do.

5 Quick prints to set the mood for halloween

Let's bring the Halloween spirit with some fun prints you still have time to do. So it's 10 days to Halloween. This is the time...

Fingerprinting 3D Printers using Commodity Scanners

The University at Buffalo has come up with a way to track prints back to the owner. They call it PrinTracker. They use a...

MG Chemicals wood filament

One of the cooler things you can do with your printer is to use exotic filaments. In my opinion wood filament is the coolest. Printing out a part that looks like it was carved from a block of wood is awesome. I was a shop kid in school (who would have guessed) metal shop, automotive, small gas engines I took every class I could but woodshop was always my favorite. Time would just fly in that class

3d Print a Rubber band gun

When I was a kid I loved Rubberband Guns. At the time they outshot nerf toys and if you lost them they were and still are cheaper to replace than nerf ammo. The problem is they were all made of wood and you only had a couple choices. Now we have so many tools available and yet only a select few are making cool rubber band toys.

DIY etching

Build your own Etching machine at home I have some projects on the way and one of them needed some things etched. The great thing...

Wanhao D7 Review

Over all, It's a solid machine. If you run into any issues there are several facebook communities that are full of helpful people I will link everything below. I know I'm going to buy a second one. Printing small parts is so much easier on this than my FDM machines and they come away with little to know post cleanup. Print, paint and install. I look forward to showing more prints that I make with this machine.

Evan Kale should be on your YouTube watch list

I'm always on the lookout for new inspiration. This just means I spend too much time on YouTube. I recently came across Evan Kale and without a doubt he is a creator everyone should follow. While searching for topics to write about I often end up surfing YouTube. That is one reason the current state of YouTube bothers me so much.
ft-5 review

Folgertech FT-5 R2 – Review

IF you intend to Buy an FT-5 R2 then you should read this Review first! We built the machine and examined it thoroughly from nuts to prints. The FT-5 Is indeed a mighty big build but is it A good 3D Printer? Read on..