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Video: Mario Kart Live and 3D printing

Video: Mario Kart Live and 3D printing

BCN3D celebrates Super Mario Bros' 35th anniversary with a 3D printed Rainbow Road! 3D printer manufacturer BCN3D put its entire farm to work in order...
Inside look of an artificial turtle egg

Scientists 3D print decoy sea turtle eggs to spy on poachers

Keep reading this article to find out how the InvestEGGator helps lead conservation groups to the poachers directly thanks to a rather clever idea, Ninjaflex filament, the LulzBot Mini 3D printer, and some pretty basic technology.
HS-HITECH Modular structure Blobee, picture shot at night

Using 3D printing construction technology to create Modern buildings

3D printing construction service by HS-HITECH uses HP Multi Jet Fusion Technology to create “atypical architectural elements” called Blobee.
Render showing two air filter system devices intended for vehicles

New 3D printed air filter keeps the air clean inside cars and public transportation

The AMS Auto device is an air filter system that eliminates viruses and bacteria in subways, cars, and buses Eliminating airborne active viruses inside cars,...
JADE 3D Printer and Constructor 3D design software REWARDS CAMPAIGN

COLIBRÍ3D launches new JADE Professional 3D printer and CONSTRUCTOR 3D Design Software license for...

COLIBRÍ3D starts new Rewards Campaign to sell its JADE 3D printer under USD $300 and CONSTRUCTOR Pro 3D Design Software license for USD $10
adidas 3D printed shoes futurecraft - coming in 2022

Adidas reveals Futurecraft STRUNG 3D printed shoes

Adidas has been working with 3D printing technologies for a few years, trying to find new ways to make footwear. Its FUTURECRAFT division, for...
Turn your PS4 or XBOX controller into a HOTAS Flight Simulator stick

3D print your own HOTAS Flight Stick for PS4 and XBOX

Make your own Microsoft Flight Simulator HOTAS setup with a 3D printer Playing ' Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 ' is a delight, but doing it...
braille 3d printed book english lagnguage inclusive

Download Silence: A 3D printed book that comes in braille.

World’s first flexible 3D printed book that integrates Braille, words, and illustrations There is no better project to honor Mundial Sight Day than ‘Silence’ than...
Rolloe Roll Off Emissions prototype: Winner of the Design Innovation in Polymer 2020 award. Sponsored by IOM3 & Covestro. © KRISTEN TAPPIN

This 3D printed bike wheel is capable of purifying the air

The shift from cars to bicycles is already an important step towards cleaner air, especially in big cities, where pollution is reaching alarming levels....

3D Printed Rockets

The first 3D printing factory Relativity Space is making history by printing rockets in days and not years.  After moving to their new location...

Five Best Life-Size Prints

How many times since buying your first 3D printer have you thought it would be fun to print something life-size?  Well many others have...
World’s First 3D Printed Fiberglass Boat by Moi Composites Debuts at Genova Boat Show 2020

Mambo, the world’s first 3D printed fiberglass boat

World’s First 3D Printed Fiberglass Boat by Moi Composites Debuts at Genova Boat Show 2020 Italian start-up Moi Composites has just unveiled the first-ever real...