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Intel’s OpenBot

Intel known for its processors and motherboards is releasing the plans for an open-source robot.  But not just any robot, this one is mostly...
electric bicycle

A New Guinness World Record

A new Guinness world record has been set by Dennis Freiburg for the world’s lightest electrically assisted bike (EAB). So why is this important to...
3D Builder

Free – Microsoft 3D Builder

Microsoft is providing free 3D Builder software with their operating systems and even the Xbox.  In 2013 Microsoft acquired the rights to 3D Builder...
3D Printing Company List

3D Printer manufacturers list 2020

A List of 3D Printer Manufacturers has been on the wishlist from many of our readers so here it is. Ofcourse we will addon...
Space Crafts

NASA 3D Printing Batteries

NASA is already making full use of 3D printing rocket engines and small satellites. Now they are in the news again having awarded a...

Man Charged for 3D-Gun Parts

Disclaimer: It is illegal under the Undetectable Firearms Act to manufacture any firearm not detectable by a metal detector. Usually made from PLA...

3D Dinosaurs

Scientists get a better look inside delicate fossilized eggs found in Argentina’s northern Patagonia. Among the rarest fossilized materials are dinosaur eggs, and their...

Review: Wanhao GR1

Disclaimer: I received this product free in exchange for an honest, unbiased review. At the end of 2019 before the events that would shortly begin...
Large Format

New Low-Cost LSAM 3D Printer

Thermwood Corporation, known for its industrial CNC and hybrid machines, has recently announced and shown a new 3D printer.  Want to print a car...
STEP Format

4D Additive Software has Added STEP File Format

CoreTechnologie added the STEP file format to the latest version of 4D Additive their 3D software. Version 1.4 of their 4D Additive package has added...
Cloud Based

New Cloud-Based 3D Printing Service

A polish based company Zortrax has announced a cloud-based 3D printing service.  Allowing 3D printing to occur remotely from anywhere in the world. Zortrax's optimization...

Largest Desktop Resin Printer?

Peopoly makers of the Phenom L have announced that they are working to release an even larger resin printer.  How Big? Resin print area size is...