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adidas 3D printed shoes futurecraft - coming in 2022

Adidas reveals Futurecraft STRUNG 3D printed shoes

Adidas has been working with 3D printing technologies for a few years, trying to find new ways to make footwear. Its FUTURECRAFT division, for...
Turn your PS4 or XBOX controller into a HOTAS Flight Simulator stick

3D print your own HOTAS Flight Stick for PS4 and XBOX

Make your own Microsoft Flight Simulator HOTAS setup with a 3D printer Playing ' Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 ' is a delight, but doing it...
braille 3d printed book english lagnguage inclusive

Download Silence: A 3D printed book that comes in braille.

World’s first flexible 3D printed book that integrates Braille, words, and illustrations There is no better project to honor Mundial Sight Day than ‘Silence’ than...
Rolloe Roll Off Emissions prototype: Winner of the Design Innovation in Polymer 2020 award. Sponsored by IOM3 & Covestro. © KRISTEN TAPPIN

This 3D printed bike wheel is capable of purifying the air

The shift from cars to bicycles is already an important step towards cleaner air, especially in big cities, where pollution is reaching alarming levels....

3D Printed Rockets

The first 3D printing factory Relativity Space is making history by printing rockets in days and not years.  After moving to their new location...
World’s First 3D Printed Fiberglass Boat by Moi Composites Debuts at Genova Boat Show 2020

Mambo, the world’s first 3D printed fiberglass boat

World’s First 3D Printed Fiberglass Boat by Moi Composites Debuts at Genova Boat Show 2020 Italian start-up Moi Composites has just unveiled the first-ever real...
An approach that extends the use of 3D printers to 3D electronics for future robotics and Internet of Things applications. Credits: Waseda University

New Metal-plastic hybrid 3D printing technique is unveiled

Researchers from Waseda University, Japan, generated this metal-plastic hybrid method that prints 3D pieces using catalyst-loaded filament and electroless plating. In general, the proposed...
New 3D Printing Method uses milk-based material

Researchers develop a milk-based 3D printing method

Researchers at SUTD managed to develop a 3D printing method to print milk structures  Food-based materials and 3D printing are not strangers. We have mentioned...
Company Mighty Buildings is using a peculiar UV-Curable synthetic stone material to 3D Print a 350 sq ft. Housing unit per day.

California 3D printed houses delivered in 24 Hours

Construction-tech company Mighty Buildings is selling and shipping affordable and sustainable 3D printed houses in California. Its unique 3D printing process uses UV-curable synthetic...

Creality’s CR-30 Belt 3D Printer

Everybody’s sweetheart Naomi Wu has decided to show off how far along the Creality’s CR-30 belt 3D printer has come along.  The video is...


As I discussed in a previous article East Coast RepRap 2020 was canceled.  For that reason, VERRF2020 will be the ticket this year! Lauren,...
microArch S240

Honey I Shrunk the Print… microArch™ S240

Boston Micro Fabrication (BMF), known for its one of a kind Micro Printers has introduced the microArch™ S240, able to go even smaller!  That’s...