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2020-03-05 3D Printer Chat gets approved on Google News!

3D Printer Chat on Google News2017-12-05 When everything looks beautiful you look away and Bam! Irregularity strikes! Like the Double slit Quantum experiment!
Failed 3D Prints

2017-11-15 When just about anyone surprises their spouse with a 3D Printer…

3D Printing Comics - 3D Printer for the wife2017-11-10 When someone sends you free stuff they dont think about the actual cost or the anxiety it could bring.. 3D Printing Comics - Tom Sanladerer With Tevo


2017-10-20 When you get a review unit follow these steps 1. Unpack 2. Connect to wall socket 3. Print 4. If error send back..Never go digging in Marlin..

3D Printing Comics - Al got a review unit

2017-10-20 Sometimes violence solves the issues you have with your printer

3D Printing Comics - Building 3D Printers is tough

2017-10-20 Finding The Hot End is not always easy… Be careful and read this Post about the dangers

3D Printing Comics - The Hot End - Anthony

2017-10-19 Doing Cold Pulls is sometime the only way to unclog.. /Anton

3D Printing Comics - Cold pull

2017-10-19 Miles Is Trying his best to use his printers without any tweaks or fixes

3D Printing Comics - Chris Makes a Robot

2017-10-17 Nathan Cox is one of our Authors and he agrees that some of the youtubers do sell out…

3D Printing Comics - 3D Printer reviews by a youtuber

2017-10-17 Chris works late as usual but please do check the podcast he is doing excellent work! And the Slicer showdown series..

3D Printing Comics - Chris Garrett works late hours

2017-10-16 Listen to Miles new TCT Report rather then trying to find his 3D Printing Articles 🙂 


3D Printing Comics - Miles Scott at work

2017/07/07 Daniel Noree found A Car to play with rather then doing the podcast with Chris Garrett 🙂

3D Printing Comics - Daniel Noree - Open RC
3D Printing Comics – Daniel Noree – Open RC