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New Low-Cost LSAM 3D Printer

Thermwood Corporation, known for its industrial CNC and hybrid machines, has recently announced and shown a new 3D printer.  Want to print a car or even a boat?  This low-cost Large-Scale Additive Manufacturing (LSAM) printer will do it.

New Low-Cost LSAM 3D Printer 5

This printer is unique in that it uses a vertical 5-foot by 10-foot bed.  The team at Thermwood Corporation has said it can print parts that are 5 x 10 x 10 feet.

Bead Bed
New Low-Cost LSAM 3D Printer 6

Their new printer uses an FDM nozzle with their patented bead compression wheel.  Parts produced by the printer “are solid, fully fused, vacuum-tight, and virtually void-free.”

LSAM 3d printer
New Low-Cost LSAM 3D Printer 7

This printer is intended for industrial printing but is considered low-cost ($250,000).  As a small-scale hobbyist, I just want a few days on it, so I can print my Transformer!  Well, I can dream, right?

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