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An approach that extends the use of 3D printers to 3D electronics for future robotics and Internet of Things applications. Credits: Waseda University

New Metal-plastic hybrid 3D printing technique is unveiled

Researchers from Waseda University, Japan, generated this metal-plastic hybrid method that prints 3D pieces using catalyst-loaded filament and electroless plating. In general, the proposed...
New 3D Printing Method uses milk-based material

Researchers develop a milk-based 3D printing method

Researchers at SUTD managed to develop a 3D printing method to print milk structures  Food-based materials and 3D printing are not strangers. We have mentioned...
3D Printing Groups on Facebook – Q3 2020 LIST

3D Printing Groups on Facebook – Q3 2020 LIST

A full list of the 3D Printing Groups on Facebook is back in 2020! We included the name and Facebook link of the group,...
Company Mighty Buildings is using a peculiar UV-Curable synthetic stone material to 3D Print a 350 sq ft. Housing unit per day.

California 3D printed houses delivered in 24 Hours

Construction-tech company Mighty Buildings is selling and shipping affordable and sustainable 3D printed houses in California. Its unique 3D printing process uses UV-curable synthetic...

Creality’s CR-30 Belt 3D Printer

Everybody’s sweetheart Naomi Wu has decided to show off how far along the Creality’s CR-30 belt 3D printer has come along.  The video is...


As I discussed in a previous article East Coast RepRap 2020 was canceled.  For that reason, VERRF2020 will be the ticket this year! Lauren,...
microArch S240

Honey I Shrunk the Print… microArch™ S240

Boston Micro Fabrication (BMF), known for its one of a kind Micro Printers has introduced the microArch™ S240, able to go even smaller!  That’s...

3D Printed AR Headset

There is a new company called CombineReality.  I happened on them through twitter showing a complete build video.  So, what are they offering and...

Etteplan’s Tool for 3D Print Cost

Etteplan has developed a tool for estimating the cost of a 3D print.  It is free and online for anyone to use.  Etteplan's tool...

A New Era for BCN3D

BCN3D has announced two new printers in its FFS dual-material line of printers, the Epsilon W27, the Smart Cabinet, and the Sigma D25.  Hold...
3D Printed Shoe

The First 3D Printed Shoe

Adidas has done it!  They have successfully designed and sold the first-ever of its kind 3D printed shoe called the “Futurecraft 4D”. 3D Printed on...

MIT is 3D printing miniature pumps

Scientists at MIT’s Microsystems Technology Laboratories (MTL) are hoping that custom printing their miniature 3D pumps on the spot instead of using mass production...