Fleet Space develops satellites that are fully 3D printed.

Fleet Space develops satellites that are fully 3D printed.

There have been a lot of projects recently that combine additive manufacturing and space, from constructing projects on the moon to 3D-printed rocket parts and satellites.

And rightfully so. Technology is opening up a whole new universe of possibilities for space industries. Both NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA), for example, have recently begun new initiatives.

While Lockheed Martin and Makerbot have been working on a Lunar Rover Project for NASA, ESA has teamed with Incus, an Austrian business that specializes in 3D printing solutions based on photopolymerization.

And these kinds of ventures are becoming more common. Fleet Space,

a satellite company based in Australia recently announced the launch of future 3D printed satellites.

This so-called constellation of satellites, dubbed Alpha, will be located alongside the Centauri constellation.

According to the business, the Alpha satellites will be the first to be 3D printed when they launch in roughly a year.

“Alpha is a big step forward and the first time a satellite has been constructed entirely through 3D printing,” said Flavia Tata Nardini, CEO and creator of Fleet Space.

This is a clear statement of our goal to become a global leader in space technology and to assist Australia’s ambition to lead this crucial industry, by bringing together the creation, deployment, and servicing of space technology.”

The satellites from Fleet Space are comprised of the following component

There will be up to 64 all-metal antennae on the 3D-manufactured satellites.
This is when compared to the Centauri line, which has only four antennas on each spacecraft.

Advanced digital beamforming technology will be able to significantly boost customer IoT data throughput and hence service a larger number of terminals thanks to the many antennas.

Fleet space technologies

The company has remained tight-lipped on the 3D printing technologies used to create the Alpha range.
In brief,

3D Printing has enabled Fleet Space to develop satellites with improved communication capabilities,

which could lead to new aerospace prospects.
Especially since Alpha satellites, according to the Australian business, will symbolize a “fundamental transformation” in the industry.
Fleet Space intends to establish itself in this extremely competitive industry

and become a global leader in the coming years through such innovation.

Source: Youtube, Fleetspace

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