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3D printed metal lattices manufactured by MetShape. Image via MetShape.

Young Minds And Metshape Collaborate For A Microgravity Experiment With Qualified3D

Students from the International Space Station (ISS) Lab at Valley Christian High School in San Jose received support with a microgravity experiment from German additive manufacturing service provider MetShape and Michigan-based 3D printing service provider Qualified3D.The group needed microgravity capillary action trials and millimetre-scale lattices. So they reached out to […]

The mars rover perseverance

Bacteria Could Be Used In 3D-Printed Martian Structures

Mars has “captured our collective imagination quite like no other planet,” according to NASA. In recent years, the focus has shifted from lunar exploration to the race to Mars. The more ambitious of us want to colonize the Red Planet, and we need to build livable structures. To better understand […]

An RS-25 engine hot fire test from inside the A-1 test stand at NASA’s Stennis Space Center

NASA launches its lunar exploration mission with 3D printed components.

NASA’s Orion spacecraft, with four solar panels spanning around 63 feet, is on its way to the Moon after the Artemis I rocket launched on its test flight early on Wednesday, November 16, 2022, with three dummies aboard. The Artemis I launch from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida is […]

European space agency ESA astronaut Matthias Maurer demonstrates the bioprint firstaid prototype.

A portable 3D printer can create bandages out of skin cells.

Imagine a portable 3d printer that can make bandages tailored to your skin. 3D printing has always been looked at as a solution to numerous challenges, including but not limited to space exploration. evolution has made man quite adaptable to gravity and the earth’s environment. But what happens? when we […]

Fleet Space develops satellites that are fully 3D printed.

Fleet Space develops satellites that are fully 3D printed.

There have been a lot of projects recently that combine additive manufacturing and space, from constructing projects on the moon to 3D-printed rocket parts and satellites. And rightfully so. Technology is opening up a whole new universe of possibilities for space industries. Both NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA), […]

In order to identify buildable areas and collect materials on the Moon, Luyten plans for rovers to accompany the Platypus Galacticus

Luyten intends to use its Platypus Galacticus 3D printer to construct structures on the Moon.

Luyten, an Australian 3D printer manufacturer recently revealed its aspirations to conquer the final frontier. The space race appears to have resurfaced recently. We’ve seen huge moon projects from firms all around the world in recent years, such as Agile Space Industries’ Griffin lunar lander, ICON’s ambitions to 3D print […]

Open Meals is working on a 3D printing system to "teleport" food.

Open meals plan to teleport food to Space with 3Dprinting

Picture yourself floating in space, gazing at the mesmerizing blue jewel through your reinforced window. Suddenly, a chef appears, presenting you with a plate of mouth-watering sushi. How did this futuristic culinary delight come to be? Well, you can thank open meals for that, let’s take a stroll through the […]

the NASA deep space challenges sees competitors leveraging 3D printing

Deep Space Challenge by NASA sees numerous Competitors leveraging 3Dprinting

In the second half of this decade, there will be numerous space launches by NASA,A sustainable food system is important in supporting Earth’s off-world exploration.While early Moon missions will start by using prepackaged food systems like those used by the international space station today, increased mission time will involve reducing […]

MX3D prints lunar floor

MX3D prints lunar flooring to test printing on the lunar surface

The European Space Agency (ESA) recently declared its support for Skidmore, Owings and Merrill.An architecture firm creates a habitat to be built on the lunar surface.MX3D; A Metal 3D printing firm that gained recognition earlier this year for their metal 3D-printed bridge in Amsterdam, has developed a prototype for a […]

space colonies

Simulating Space Colonies With 3D Printing

Architecture firm Foster + Partners Simulated Space Colonies Using 3D Printing, robotics and VR. Renewed British architect Norman Foster and his firm created a faithful representation of space colonies and life in Mars and the moon. Designs include interiors, exteriors and transport plans that people will be able to ‘explore’ […]