3d printer Extruders

3d-printer ExtrudersIn my experience as a maker, one of the main concerns I have as a 3D printer is getting the ideal resolution for every piece I print.Extruders are an important part of this topic. They provide the necessary settings…

Adding text to Autocad 3D files

Adding text to Autocad 3D filesIn this small tutorial,  I'm going to tell you how to add text in your Autocad 3D files. Why Autocad, well..., this software allows a huge control in text and letters. I recommend it if you have to add…

Adding text to Blender 3D objects

Adding text to 3D Objects using BlenderBlender is a pretty cool software you can model anything you want, in this small tutorial i´m going to show you how to add text to your 3D models. Perhaps blender looks intimidating but i can asure…

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