Make your Smartphone a 3D printer with OLO

We see great advances in the technology environment as the 3D-Printer market keeps pumping out new type printers, and great changes on different areas, tons of projects trying to solve existing problems. 3D printing world is changing, Startups are constantly developing new products in order to attract more customers, we could say that we are […]


3d printer Extruders

3d-printer Extruders In my experience as a maker, one of the main concerns I have as a 3D printer is getting the ideal resolution for every piece I print. Extruders are an important part of this topic. They provide the necessary settings for each print, which is why we must use the right extruder for […]

Dual extruder

Don’t waste material add support efficiently

Don’t waste Filament add support efficiently when 3d-printing When it comes to print in the air, FDM printing technology has a lot of challenges of course those objects are difficult to print, that’s why we need to add material support for the best printing quality. Fortunately open-source save’s the day, there’s a free tool called > […]

supports in 3d printing

Adding text to Autocad 3D files

In this small tutorial i´m going to tell you how to add text in your Autocad 3D files. Why Autocad, well… , this software allows a huge control in the text and letters. i recommend it if you have to add multiple texts on different objects.


Adding text to Blender 3D objects

Blender is a pretty cool software you can model anything you want, in this small tutorial i´m going to show you how to add text to your 3D models. Perhaps blender looks intimidating but i can asure you it’s not as hard as it looks.


Adding text to 3D objetcs using 3D builder

3D builder is a slicing software from microsoft but you can also edit your 3D files, if you need to add rapid text trough your 3D files perhaps 3D builder is for you. check how is done.

3D Builder

Alexis Puentes: how i started on 3D printing

Hi, mi name is Alexis Adrian Puentes Valencia I am 24 years old. I live in México City and I am a 3D printing enthusiast. I got in touch with this technology when I was studying in the university. Me and my friends are real geeks (as if you didnt see that coming) . We love the 3d […]

Alexis Puentes

How to: Pricetag your 3D print’s using Blender with i.materialise

Blender is one of the most used 3D modeling programs used by the designers community also it´s extremely popular because it’s very light, versatile and Open-source. Blender has now returned to surprise us with a specific Plugin for 3D printing, with which we can print using i.materialise with their complete catalog of materials and quote them in real-time. […]

How to improve your 3D printing company

We all know the progress of 3D printing, do it yourself has been taken to a whole new level. Technology is a great business, the problem is that, like all new markets, we must explore, test, measure in order to receive earnings. Now, the market for 3D printing has grown over the years. If we […]

3d printing tips

Anomalisa a movie made with 3D printing.

Personally, I’m a huge fan of movies and i enjoy when a good movie uses good efects and has an incredible script movies are an amazing  way to entertainment, we watch all kind of genderes. The game is changing we need more effects, drama, better scripts and the filmic industry knows it. Thats wy now […]


My life on a 3D printing Startup

I never thought when finishing my school. I would been working on my passion > There were many years of study, sacrifice and struggle to achieve my degree. Finally I got it and I graduated as a computer engineer with an honorific metion. Then with some friend who share my passion for 3D printing technology, […]


Fashion and 3D printing: Print your own clothes.

Would you like to design and 3D print your own clothes? It´s not surprising to read that clothing has become an essential way to express ourselves freely, but have you ever thought about what does it involves? Yes, we are able to send messages to the people through what we wear, just take a look […]

Darkness collection by Rocío Izquierdo