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Cement cast tea candle holders

Cement Molds 3D Printing experiments.

Cement is a material not associated with 3D printing, but this blog details 3D printing molds for cement casting.
red sink strainer

Environment and 3D Printing Pt.1

In this blog I explore how 3D printing impact the environment by looking at a 3D printed and commercially made sink strainer.
Blueprint and 3D print

How to go from Picture to 3D Print for Free

There are many methods to convert a picture to a 3D printable file. This is a bare-bones, free method that does not require photoshop to convert a picture to a 3D print.
test board

Filament Exposure Testing Results After 3 Years Outdoors

This is a 3 year experiment where I put different samples of 3D printing filament outdoors.
MasterSpool refill

What about the Spools? Empty Spools and MasterSpool Standards

With the popularity of FDM printing, 3D printers are left with a pile of empty filament spools. In this blog I explore how printers deal can deal with them. In the end I also propose some industry standards for the MasterSpool refills proposed by Richard Horne.
flexible fabric

Flexible Fabric Printing: Experiments in 3D printing over fabric

this is a series of experiments in which I explore 3D printing flexible TPU over fabric. The results are items that combine the best of flexible filaments and fabric.
MOAR test print

MOAR struder Review : Luzbot high volume printing tool head

How can you quickly print large 3D prints? The MOAR struder takes the factory standard tool head and cranks it up to 11.
3D printed Mallet

3D Printed Mallet Project : Printed in PLA

In this blog I show the results of 3D printing a working joiners mallet in PLA / PHA plastic. Included are the instructions and results of testing.
experiment in filaments outdoors

Experiment in the Outdoors: 3D filaments Pt. 2

A year ago I started an experiment to see how 3D printed samples last in the harsh Colorado sun.
The Ultimate 3D Printing Tool Kit

Holiday Gifts for Your 3D Printer

With the holiday season upon us, what do you get the family member with a 3D printer?
selection of crowdfunding printers

Crowdfunding for 3D printing V.2

3D printing is a new and emerging field , and crowdfunding is providing a new source of capital for inventors and start-up companies. Fortunately thanks to...
solar eclipse pinhole viewer

Solar Eclipse 3D Prints: Last minute ways to enjoy the eclipse

On August 21st a total solar eclipse will cover the continuous USA. This is the first time in 99 years that a total solar...