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Solar Eclipse 3D Prints: Last minute ways to enjoy the eclipse

On August 21st a total solar eclipse will cover the continuous USA. This is the first time in 99 years that a total solar eclipse has been conveniently visible over the lower 48 states.

As a result of this, many people are scrabbling to prepare for this unique event.

To prepare for this once in a lifetime viewing, I have collected the following 3D printable items that you can make now to help your viewing experience.

Tripod Camera Mount

The eclipse will last 1:30 – 2 min based on your location, and if you want to get clean pictures you will need a tripod. There are multiple mounts on Thingiverse  that you can use to mount digital cameras or cell phones for this eclipse.

Telescope adapters

As you dig that old telescope out of your attic, it would be nice to record the event on your phone. Now you can 3D print adapters to merge your phones to your telescope while you watch the eclipse safely.

Pinhole Viewer

NASA has been exploring 3D printing with many new innovations. For the eclipse, they have release a series of pinhole viewers that you can 3D print in the shape of your state. You can 3D print them with any spare filament you want, and you can experiment my changing the color of them to produce a vibrant pinhole viewer.

solar eclipse pinhole viewer
Solar eclipse pinhole viewer, from Printed with Honest Joy filament.

I printed up a couple of these to test Honest Joys PLA filament . When you are done, stick some fridge magnets on the back to turn it into a souvenir fridge magnet from the 2017 eclipse.

Solar Eclipse Pendants

solar eclipse pendnt
Solar eclipse pendant, From

No eclipse is complete without the eclipse party. 3D print a glow in the dark pendant to complement your eclipse dress.

Lens Filters

There are different acceptable materials to use as a lens filter to darken the sun. Using a 3D printed adapter ring can help you improvise a effective view for the eclipse.

solar filter for camera lens
Solar eclipse filter attachment for camera lens. From

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