relativity space 3D print an entire rocket

Relativity Space Building 3D Rockets for Mars

A 3D-printed rocket heading to space in 2022 could help humans in their journey to Mars. Relativity Space, An American startup, is developing two different models of rockets made entirely with additive manufacturing!
The models are currently in the testing phase, The Terran 1 is expected to launch into space in the early half of 2022.
Relativity Space is focused on setting up an autonomous and rapid 3D production system that could one day even help human settlement on Mars.
Relativity Space is squaring up with major competitors that include Blue Origin and SpaceX,
The startup aims to set itself apart with its capacity to build modules that are fully 3D printed.

The startup is wagering its radically simplified production chain,
Able to build a rocket with 100 times fewer components than other competitors with a shorter time frame.
Its 3D printing platforms can print metal parts up to 3 meters in diameter and 7 meters high.
The printer is equipped with an impressive robotic arm that is able to print larger parts within a short period.
the advantages additive manufacturing lends to this project are numerous.

including reducing the number of components and increasing their reliability.

Relativity hopes to Sustain and recycle

At its root, the main goal is cost reduction., sustainability and offering equipment that can be effectively recycled.
The Terran 1 rocket consists of 2 stages and can launch into orbit large satellites weigh more than a ton.
The first flight is scheduled for 2022.

The Terran R is an even more remarkable rocket, that is still under development Which could be launched as soon as 2024.
In the two instances, The launch would take place from Cape Canaveral, Florida.
Relativity Space does not intend to hold back even at then.
Once the additive manufacturing process is perfected, The startup aims to make it available for habitats, bases and colonies that would need to be established one day on Mars.
Autonomous 3D printing could play a major role in the earth’s neighbour’s future.

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