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The first American consumer places an order for the Freemelt ONE.

Freemelt has received an order for a Freemelt ONE system from a company in the United States of America with an order value close to $0.5 million US.

The EB-PBF system will be used for material development for new applications, and it will be delivered during the first quarter of 2022.
“This is the first order for a Freemelt ONE system outside of Europe which is an important milestone for Freemelt.

With this order, we now enter the North American market which we expect to become an important market for Freemelt,”

commented Ulric Ljungblad, CEO and co-founder of Freemelt.
Freemelt is a high-tech startup with a game-changing solution that opens up new avenues for rapid growth in additive manufacturing.

The Company’s proprietary technology, which is already available, elevates 3D printing to a new level, opening up previously unattainable prospects for printing things in a cost-effective, consistent, and high-quality manner.

The conditions for robust growth are established by picking an open-source solution, and the Company plans to expand into manufacturing areas in the future.
One of the most productive metal 3D printing methods now accessible commercially is EBM or EB-PBF.

It allows for the manufacturing of stacked parts at a faster rate than laser-based techniques, unlike most SLM (L-PBF) procedures.

Until recently,

Arcam (now GE Additive) was the only company offering commercial EBM equipment,

freemelt's eletro beam powder fusion bed

Freemelt pioneering EBM into the market

and it had a near-total market share.

A few new businesses, such as Freemelt, Wayland Additive, and JEOL, have recently introduced EBM systems to the market, which is likely to lead to broader acceptance of the technique.

Freemelt recently closed another deal with the Polytechnic University of Turin in Italy,

where the system would be utilized to develop novel materials.

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