ioprinting company REGEMAT3D to open equity crowd funding round

REGEMAT3D, a bioprinting firm, will launch an equity crowd funding round.

REGEMAT3D, a bioprinter maker, is initiating a fresh equity crowdfunding round to help the company expand up to its business and product lines in preparation for an IPO in 2023.

We normally don’t cover crowdfunding efforts for new products at 3dpbm, but this initiative is for a company that is currently on the market and has made substantial development in the bioprinting space.

While the actual success of this financial project is susceptible to the same hazards as any other financial enterprise, the total bioprinting segment is growing at a quick pace.

The Bioprinting Space

The bioprinting industry is expanding for a variety of reasons.

One is that health is the best investment one can make in one’s life. And, notwithstanding the recent epidemic, today’s standards of living are unquestionably higher than in the past. We’ve never had such a good time or had such a good life

. Even though we are still victims of hundreds of ailments, including those caused by ageing.

To tackle it,

a vast number of researchers work in laboratories all around the world to uncover disease solutions and develop technologies and therapies that will help them do so.

The developing biofabrication sector is one of the most important among them, with 3D bioprinting as one of the most promising.

These technologies attempt to create tissues and organs in the lab so that lesions can regenerate and donor waiting lists can be cut in half.


REGEMAT3D bioprinter
REGEMAT3D, a bioprinting firm, will launch an equity crowd funding round. 3

REGEMAT3D, situated in Granada, is a major player in this emerging market.

Researchers throughout the world use the company’s tissue and organ biofabrication systems

– bioprinters and bioreactors – to try to find answers to tissue damage in tissues including cartilage,

bone, spinal cord, and muscle tissue, among others. They are currently active in 29 countries.

According to independent estimates

, the biofabrication industry will reach $1,647 million in 2024, with the research market serving as the primary driver.

The company believes that in the future years,

we will start to see bioprinting-based solutions in clinics, and that to do so,

more resources must be committed to these technologies.

REGEMAT completed a crowdfunding round at the end of 2020,

which helped the company expand its revenue, produce a new bioprinter, the REG4LIfe, and put up a patented bioreactor to make articular cartilage. Now they’re working on the next one, which will propel them toward an IPO in the coming years.

A renewed interest among scientist and researchers

The company has also established the website, which serves as a bioprinting “Thingiverse” where researchers from across the world may exchange their biomanufacturing tissue procedures in order to speed up the creation of solutions in the field.

“It’s like a recipe website where researchers can read explanations of how to manufacture a specific tissue and can easily and rapidly get all of the necessary ingredients.”

Why waste time with this if you want to do something and part of the work is already done?

“I go to a recipe and focus my attention on another aspect of the research, so together we get to know the outcomes ahead of time,” José Manuel Baena, PhD in biology and firm founder, said

The vast number of tissue pathologies caused by ageing,

as well as the need to speed the development of new drugs and reduce the use of animals in research,

have sparked interest in 3D bioprinting

among researchers and scientists,

who see these technologies as a means of achieving future solutions that can be taken to the clinic.

Source Youtube, REGEMAT3D

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