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CURA is the first slicing software which you get to work if you start with the RepRap Project. Now that is owned by Ultimaker, it seeks to position itself as one of the leading slicing software for 3D printing through a set of changes that merge in this new version: CURA 2.3.0

CURA has certainly changed a lot since its early versions, as one of the first users of CURA I remember how hard it was to work with. It was so complex for any noobie at 3D printing, I still remember the fear of moving an a advance setting parameter, I thought my 3D printing was always about to explode! However, this new version will make any noobie feel comfortable at printing for the first time.

Why choose CURA insted any other 3?

It’s Free

Ok, also because the new update (CURA 2.3.0) is completely intuitive,  community is wide and always helps improving the software.

Of course, I’ve seen many reviews that say simplify3D is pretty good and certainly very popular; if something bothers about CURA are the supports, its complex settings and low renderings.

Note: I’ll soon start working with this new version (since its recent update, I still havent printed anything) and will be uploading my personal reviews. For now I’ll let my first impressions. Besides being CURA the only slicing software which I have worked with I can not do a comparison to other softwares, so my opinions are only based on  previous versions.

complete renovation on the frontend, which I think is pretty good.

Since it’s fresh from the debuggin proces I thought it would be a good idea analyzing several of these new features with you, it will be like a livestream on a unedited post. Everything you read will be my first impressions of the software.

Here we go!

Once installed and having specified your 3D printer type (not different from previous versions) there’s the first view of the program.

Cura_image_1 - Cura
The Oscar is a design that I already have printed, apart from the fact that is my only desing aviable, so I’ll leave it there.

Design bar options

The editition bar of our design is now more visible than in previous versions, being present all the time. This become handy at edition process using a few basic functions, in the past we had to click on the design,  then edit, then click again. You think is not so important, but it can help us  a lot and is less disruptive when you get to work.

Less time setting things up = more production time.

I love it.

Cura_image_2 - Cura

As I was saying before, the renewal of Frontend manages all tools get completely intuitive for the user by being completely visual. In previous versions the printing basics were all piled up, which caused new users couldn’t fully operate the software.

Quick access to different types of printers and print setups

Profiles Selection if we liked to print in different qualities, and the best part, we can select one to be the preferred quality in every 3D print.

The thing that I liked the most was from its simplest aspect I can quickly define the size of the infill with which I work on my prints and thanks to paragraph Helper parts can quickly specify if they need extra support or reinforce the print throught Raft or Brim .

This is version 2.3.0 best goal, easily configuration to start printing even if you have not much knowledge  at 3D printing.

Cura_image_3 - Cura

Of course, we also have advanced options for more experienced users, but as I mentioned above. Best part about CURA is had been designed to attract new users and simplify all sections in a ‘beauty’ and functional software.

Cura_image_4 - Cura

Is really hard for me to like something in desktop, and I loved this new version.

Other sections that I also really like are:

Quick View specifications designs and quick access to save button.

Cura_image_5 - Cura

Layers View

This option is the second one I like the most. I don’t have to wait so long anymore for my 3D design to load the render then see if there are any mistakes, now I can access this view quickly and also can easily  change the layer’s parameters.

Cura_image_6 - Cura

No doubt CURA is absolutely renovated to be a completely intuitive software to new users and many people might say that it is only in design and not made many changes in the code. But I can say that structuring all thus, implies a lot of development.

For now I’ll start testing the software to see how prints result, I’ll be uploading new content of this software later, and why not? A comparison between versions of  CURA 14.2.1 and this new version, analyzing the quality of the prints.

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  1. gaehl says

    Why not 15.04 the last version before the re-write interface change?

    1. Diana Lizbeth says

      I could write something about that too, Just chose 14’s since it makes me feel more comfortable ?

      1. gaehl says

        Is there any interface difference between 15.04 and 14.2.1?

        1. Diana Lizbeth says

          not really but i had a few slicing problems with a few prints that in the version 14.2.1 works pretty good, dont know why yet, so I sitck with that version for now… thats why im saying im going to print with this new version and see what happens.

          1. gaehl says

            Ahh ok, worth Mentioning that Cura 2 does not fully support Deltas and no plans to.

  2. irrenhaus says

    Nice writeup, and nice to see that the interface evolved in such a great way.

    1. Diana Lizbeth says

      Thank you for reading, your opinion means a lot here ?

  3. Celeste says

    Another great article! I need intuitive and easy to use software as a new user. Thank you for all your effort and for sharing with us!

    1. Diana Lizbeth says

      Thanks a lot Celeste, every single post on 3dprinterchat aims to help the community out there! 🙂

  4. John says

    I’m looking forward to getting my hands on this program

  5. Chad says

    Look foward to your comparison article in the future.

  6. Emmanuel says

    I’ll give it a try!

  7. Dylan says

    I hope to use this program in the future. Have always been recommended it

  8. Rebecca says

    Interesting Article

  9. Jarred says

    I haven’t gotten the opportunity to use CURA, but these changes seem like good improvements.

  10. Joel says

    I need to try this.

  11. NerdFoodGames says

    Honestly I’m impress. I was using the 15.04 version with a DIY kit from China and I was dying to get things done correctly…now I just tested this new version and I was able to get pretty descent prints out of my printer.
    Points to Cura!

  12. Lauren says

    Great article.

  13. Michelle says

    The possibilities are endless, my daughter has already designed and printed on a 3D printer as she has done her degree at uni and she loves it

  14. darklocke says

    Interesting article.

  15. Troy says

    Gotta try it.

  16. Florian says

    Cool, i think i should switch to cura from slic3r. Thank you!

  17. Adi says

    Nice article!

  18. jvastine says

    Does this support delta printers? If it does, I will have to give this a try once I complete my printer build.

  19. shane says

    maybe convert if they supported xyz

  20. Bob W says

    Looks interesting. I would like to try.

  21. Henry says

    I like 2.1.3 personally

  22. Josh says

    Looks interesting

  23. Panayiotis says

    Nice Writeup

  24. Bunny says

    Its always cool seeing software evolve, and this one in particular looks like it is improving quite well

  25. Ashley says

    Still prefer Simplify 3D to be honest!

  26. Julie says

    very interesting stuff, thanks for the article.

    1. Diana Lizbeth says

      You’re welcome! 🙂 thanks for comment

  27. Lucas says

    Great article! But I still prefer slic3r since I have never had an issue in the past 200 prints that I’ve used it for.

  28. John says

    Nice ^_^

  29. Jeff says

    looks fairly simple to use

  30. upntheclouds123 says


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    looks fairly simple to use

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    This actually looks pretty good, thanks for the tip!

  33. Annalisa says

    This is so cool. Very helpful

  34. Jason says

    It does look like it’s simple to use. Free of charge is another big plus.

  35. Kim says

    Thanks for the instructions. It’s not as difficult to use as I would have thought.

  36. Rajaa says

    Cura is one of the best free slicers.

  37. offpop131 says

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  38. David says

    I would love one of these!Comment

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    Will be scoring this….it’s neat…and it’s free

  40. Valentina says

    Wow, this Cura is very nice. Thanks for the good article.

  41. Leslie says

    I have to be honest..I think that is amazing what technology can do these days but alot of it is beyond me! I am slowly educating myself but got a ways to go still!

  42. bb says

    All they need now is custom support structures and they will compete with S3D

  43. Burzredion says

    Great, I love Cura.

  44. Chemy says

    Well I’m not a user of that program, but it’s nice to know how it works!

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