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More printable tools worth adding to your workbench.

I’ve been gone for a while. Between college and my day job, It’s been hard to find time to get out a post so for those of you that actually read my articles I just wanted to apologize I’m going to try to work out a post a week. While I was away I was still printing like crazy and I have found a few more desktop tools that have been great. So here are my top 3D printed tools on this round.

File Holder – 3D printed tools

3D printed tools

I’m constantly battling space issues. The objects I use regularly often end up piled on my desk. Which happens to be home for my PC, College books,3dprinters and just about everything else in my life. So anytime I can get things out of the way I do. This fit nicely on my pegboard. I printed a couple sets of these and modified the idea to make holders for a few different had tools. The idea is simple and easy to mod. These now sit with next to my printer for post processing.

Zip Tie Anchor – 3D printed tools

3D printed tools  I know most of you are going to be thinking why not buy them at the store they are maybe a dollar. Sure but you paid 40$ for that spool of PLA collecting dust in the corner. Why not save the dollar and print a few between projects, even at 100% infill which isn’t necessary they don’t take long. I use these things for just about everything. Wall hangers to bumper tie spots (project cars…).

MicroSimCardTool – 3D printed tools

3D printed tools  I don’t have long fingernails so getting micro SD cards out of my tablet can be a pain in the butt. This little tool is just what I needed It’s one of the simple things you don’t realize you need until someone shows it to you. I have a few of these printed out now. I used pencils,pens, flathead screwdrivers you name it now I just use one of these and if I lose it so what I’ll print another.

Solder Spool Holder – 3D printed tools

3D printed tools

This is a nice spool holder. I have a few skate bearings laying around so it wasn’t hard to print this out and get to using it. The solder easily spools out making it must easier to get solder where it needs to be. The skate bearings gave me an idea for a better one though When I’m done working the kinks out I’ll post that one as well.

Mini Scalpel Handle Size 3 – 3D printed tools

3D printed tools

I Switched from exato blades years ago Surgical scalpels offer a much stronger (buy high carbon steel) longer lasting blade. I have used every exacto blade on the market and none of them are as good as the surgical options. I have lots of long handles but they don’t make a short handle for these blades this is a nice handle for when you want to pare at an item or work closer to your project. I have a couple of these handles in my emergency pack and my fishing tackle box as well.

Vacuum Forming Box – 3D printed tools

3D printed tools

This has become my new favorite toy. It’s not big enough to make large vacuum forms but I don’t really need that just yet. The holiday season is when I like to make a lot of candies With this I can make lots of chocolate and candy molds. Take a heat gun and a milk jug and you can make all kinds of food grade molds using everyday objects or 3d printed ones. I plan to make a whole box of custom chocolates for my anniversary. You want to really impress your other half make some chocolates that she can’t find in a store in flavors she likes. I’m sure you guys will find other uses but that is what I have done with it.

Staying up till 3am isn’t hard but going to school in the morning is. If you’d like to help me stay awake so I can write more posts like this go hit up our Patreon and buy me an energy drink.


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