3D Printable Tools

3D Printable Tools

Now that you 3DPrinted almost Every pokemon and hairy animal there is, Its time to Step it up and do some 3D Printable Tools! Here is A List of My favourite 3D Printable Tools. If You have other 3D Printed Tools that you think would fit in this list then Please comment below and we might add them to next weeks 5. We would love to get ideas so please dont hold back. Comment with your 3D Printable Tools now and let us see them!

Watchband Shortener Tool – 3D Printable Tools

Watch Band Shortener Tool
Watch Band Shortener Tool

This Is a Tool to shorten your watch band. You might not use this everyday But when you do need it you’ll be glad you printed it. Made By MasterFX on Thingiverse. I bought 8 watches on my trip in Spain and this tool helped me A lot! (For the record those watches were obviously originals so i could just as well have been taking them to a shop to do it. 😉Download The STL here.




3D Printable Spaghetti Measure Tool

3D Printable Spaghetti Measure Tool
3D Printable Spaghetti Measure Tool

Have you ever made too much or too little spaghetti for your family? I done that..And still do, almost every other day (We love pasta) Just put the spaghetti through the holes for 1-4 persons. If you scale the Spaghetti measure tool up abit you can make it for 2-6 or more people. In my family we are 8 (chaotic at times). Of Course there are other Measuring tools to be found but i liked the shapes on this one. Its made By Aleexander found on Thingiverse. Download The STL here.  




Meatball Maker Tool – 3D Printable Tools

3D Printable Tools - The Meatball Maker
The Meatball Maker

Dont you wish you could make perfectly round Swedish meatballs? Well now you can! By using this Awesome piece of equipment, The 3D Printed Meatball Maker Tool,  you can make Meatballs in No Time. Perfectly round and delicious meatballs. This Meatball Maker Tool is Created by DrWerwolf and can Be found Here on Thingiverse. 



3D Printed Massage Tool

3D Printable tools - The Massager
The Massager

So you bought a 3D-Printer and now your wife or husband is giving you a hard time about the noise, smell, lack of presence.. Well there is a solution to all of that. Make Him/Her The Ultimate gift A massage Tool! That way you both can enjoy the 3D Printer. He/She will be able to massage Your back while you 3D-print. This way you will spend more time together doing what You love.  This 3D Printed Massage Tool is Created by Szenner Richard and can be Downloaded Here.



3D Printable G-Clamp

3D Printable Clamp
3D Printable Clamp

You cant have a DIY interest without 3D Printing a clamp. Its a must everyone has em. You can clamp almost anything. Yesterday I used my 3D Printed Clamp to clamp together my wifes shoelaces while she was wearing the shoes. (sneaky). needless to say I spent the night on the sofa watching tv. Which recently has become one of my favourite things to do. You can Check out Raymond Kerr´s Work Here and Download the STL. 




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