More printable tools worth adding to your workbench.

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More printable tools worth adding to your workbench.
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I’ve been gone for a while. Between college and my day job, It’s been hard to find time to get out a post so for those of you that actually read my articles I just wanted to apologize I’m going to try to work out a post a week. While I was away I was still printing like crazy and I have found a few more desktop tools that have been great. So here is my top pics this round.

File Holder

I’m constantly battling space issues. The objects I use regularly often end up piled on my desk. Which happens to be home for my PC, College books,3dprinters and just about everything else in my life. So anytime I can get things out of the way I do. This fit nicely on my pegboard. I printed a couple sets of these and modified the idea to make holders for a few different had tools. The idea is simple and easy to mod. These now sit with next to my printer for post processing.

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7 thoughts on “More printable tools worth adding to your workbench.

  1. Thanks for featuring my design in your list! 🙂

  2. You have really good ideas. It amazes me what 3 D printers can do.

  3. I think the one I liked the most was the Zip Tie Anchor, the other honestly not so much.

  4. Amazing. About the vacuum forming box, isn’t it needed to be food grade plastic ? Is there a way to print / get food grade filament ???

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