Stan Baldwin

Who is 3D-PT?

3D-PT is the 3D printing and design firm of Stan Baldwin.
3D-PT is also the girlfriend that Anakin Skywalker never got around to building for C3PO.
I’m a science teacher and person with Non-Verbal Learning Disorder (NLD), a learning disorder that is part of the Autism Spectrum.
I grew up in the aviation industry, where I have seen technology’s like laser cutting and CNC mills augment traditional metal crafting processes.

I have 6 years of teaching experience in places as diverse as the bush of Alaska, the high plains of Colorado, and urban Denver.
I became interested in 3D printing 2 years ago as I was studying app programming at Pickens Technical College. I just completed my certificate course in CAD, where I studies AutoCAD 2014, Solidworks, and TinkerCAD.
A year ago I bought my first 3D printer, the deplorable Makerbot 5th gen replicator. I have sense learned my lesson and updated to a Lulzbot Taz 5.
I started my company 3D-PT a year ago to 3D print items for people with disabilities. I specialize in Autism Spectrum and ADHD products.
In addition to 3D printing, I like to write blogs for 3Dprinterchat about current issues in 3D printings, as well as How-To blogs.
I can be found on the following
Twitter: @3dfidgets
Email: [email protected]

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