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About me: Italo Soares

Italo C J Soares was born in São José dos Campos, São Paulo – Brazil, in 1st of July of 1995, and still living there.


Italo has a extensive experience on 3DPrinting and 3D Modeling (for solid parts). Collaborating with several groups and communities about 3D Printing around the world.
Italo is currently the founder of 3DNinja. A Brazilian company where he devote all of his knowledge to make better and more accessible machines for small companies and the community. The company is focused on 3DPrinter Fabrication, Reselling and Maintenance.

Previously he worked with machine maintenance for a medical company and with process engineering on the automobile industry.

He writes about 3D Printing at 3dprinterchat.com, hoping to help  the beginners at the hard art of making quality 3D printed parts.





Education & Credentials

Anhanguera – Kroton: Electrical Engineering- 2018

ETEC – Centro Paula Souza: Industrial Automation – 2013

ETEP. Mechatronics – 2014

SENAI – SJC., Industrial maintenance electrician – 2011

My first 3DPrinter:

Its was a homemade and dheavily customized Graber-i3, bought in 2015.  i’m planning on use the electronics from it and make a ulticampy. (a better and more stable printer structure). and also make a CoreXY based printer, for using to PCB milling too. now, to the photos 🙂
IMG_20160222_233644 IMG_20160222_233726

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