DIY 3D Printer from scratch – Power Supply

Welcome to, this article is part of the DIY 3D Printer from scratch, and we will learn how to choose the best 3D Printer Power Supply.     What are the available kinds of power supply? There are two main kinds of power supply available, we will focus on the Switch-mode because of its efficiency, […]

DIY 3D Printer from scratch – Boards and LCDs

Welcome to, this article is part of the DIY 3D Printer from scratch, and we will cover the most used 3D Printer Boards and LCDs, this guide is intended to show what are the best options available on the market.     What is the Controller board? and how it is useful? The controller […]

Boards and LCDS

The ultimate 3D Printer bed leveling guide

This guide is intended for people having issues with 3D printer bed leveling, that can cause bed adhesion, elephant foot or not even allow to print at all. Why a proper leveling is essential? When your 3D printer bed is not properly leveled prints wont stick well on the bed, and this leaves us the Nº1 […]


Heated bed too slow to heat? check some possible fixes

Your bed is taking too long to get to the desired temperature? check some tips to decrease the heating time and make your printer more efficient! Check the PCB side (the side with lines must be on top) This is a common mistake, the PCB is mounted upside down, and the material that the board […]

Extruder clogged at mid-print? Learn how to save it!

Unfortunately this issue happens more than we could expect, especially with a low quality extruder / filament and also on some special filaments as wood and metallic. So we will approach from two fronts, how to prevent it to happen, and how to save a print if it happens. How to prevent clogging in 3d […]

How to choose a 3D Printer firmware

How to choose a 3D Printer firmware Choosing the best firmware will never be an easy task, we must consider a few things, and this is what todays post is about First of all, what is a firmware and why do I need it in my 3D Printer? The firmware is not something to be afraid of, it’s […]

3D printers are catching fire (literally).

3D-printers are catching fire (literally). Think of your beloved 3D Printer, it is printing flawlessly trough the night while you sleep.., and then suddenly.. Theres a nice cosy Fire!! why is this happening? how can we prevent it, and more important, how dangerous can it be? Did this ever happen? Is there a real danger? “Yes, […]

How to 3D-print super-fast and have an awesome finishing – CHECK OUT!

How to 3D-print super-fast and have an awesome finishing – CHECK OUT! In this method you can print super fast with low resolution layer height and yet get awesome results on ABS!  CHECK THE PICTURES! Comparison between final quality!  time to print also has a huge difference Are you printing in 0.1mm layer height to […]

About me: Italo Soares

Who is Ítalo ? Italo C. J. Soares was born in São José dos Campos, São Paulo – Brazil, in 1st of July of 1995, and live there ever since, with one sister and one brother (at ages 17-12) and his parents. He has worked a couple of years with machine maintenance for a medical company. Now […]

5 Reasons to start using a cooler to print

5 Reasons to convince you to start use cooling! 1 – Prints without support They will print incredibly better, specially the long ones. check the image comparing 2 – Small perimeters No cooling | inefficient cooling | Perfect cooling you can download this test by clicking here: Download 3 – Print with higher temperatures Why in the hell […]

Let’s light up our 3D Printers !!!

Let’s light up our 3D-Printers !!! In this tutorial you will learn how to make a dimmable led strip for your 3D printer! Before we begin, how are we going to do this? There are a few ways of making a control for the led, you will see some of them here: 1st = This […]

3D Printer AUTO-CLEANING! | A must have!

In this tutorial you will learn the basics about scripting in G-CODE to make your 3D Printer AUTO-CLEANING procedure , and also Moving bed forward after print scripts. Before we begin, what you will need: Basic knowledge of g-codes (if you don’t, check my another tutorial about g-codes CLICK HERE ) A fully operating 3D […]