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A Tour of IT-Works

IT-Works is a full service company for 3D printers located in Longmont, Colorado.

IT-Works is headed by Jamie Leben, who worked in IT before becoming a retailer for Lulzbot 3D printers.

Jamie and his staff work to provide a wide range of services for local 3D printers.

Barbie Armor - IT-Works
Zheng3 3D printed Barbie armor and Tardigrade models printed at IT-Works

I have worked with Jamie and his head repair guru Keith in the past, starting with my first 3D printer. For this review, I sought Jamie’s help with problems with my new dual extruder (More on this will follow in a future blog).

IT-Works offers a broad range of services for local 3D printers. While I have used Jamie’s expertise in repair of 3D printers, IT-works also provides local classes on the basics of 3D printing.

Jamie working - IT-Works
Jamie working on my dual extruder.

IT-Works is an authorized reseller for Lulzbot. Right now they are selling the new Taz 6 3D printers like crazy.

What makes IT-Works unique in the 3D printing field is their close relationship to Lulzbot. IT-Works sell refurbished Taz 5 printers from Lulzbot. These include company prototypes, customer returns, and cluster (link tour) printers from the factory. Refurbished Taz 5’s have been saved from the dump, and are refurbished by IT-

Conversions - IT-Works
Conversions in work.

Works to as-new condition. For cash-strapped 3D printers, a refurbished printer may be the way to get a solid performing Taz 5.

Along with the Taz 5’s, IT-Works is developing a conversion kit to modify Taz 4/5’s into 6’s.

Taz 6's - IT-Works
Jamie and Taz 6’s

This conversion kit would be appreciated by Taz 5 owners that want the auto leveling bed feature of the 6’s. It will be interesting to see what the refurbished Taz 6’s look like if they come to IT-Works.

Taz 5's - IT-Works
Taz 5’s in progress

IT-Works sells parts for older Taz 4 and discontinued Lulzbot printers. If you want the challenge of making your own printer, IT-Works would be a good place to source your parts. IT-Works also sells parts that the 3D printing community needs. For many printers that want to source parts, it can be a pain to find a small quantity of the hardware you need. IT-Works sells the hard to source hardware in amounts that you actually can use, instead of the bulk packs that you usually find online.

Companies like IT-Works provide necessary auxiliary services for the growing 3D printer market. Jamie and his crew are setting the business model for future shops to follow.

As the 3D market grows, such auxiliary services will provide additional local employment in the 3D field. Future service companies can field service corporate 3D printers, provide on-site training, and run specialty printers in house to meet the needs of the general public.

From field repairs and services, sales and refurbishing, IT-Works is a great business model for other 3D printer service companies to follow.

DISCLAIMER: I did receive a discount on repair services for this blog.

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