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Though you’ll find hundreds of 3d printing communities on the World Wide Web, Thingiverse is probably the most popular of them all for several reasons. It is by far the most modern community that shares interesting and printable 3d print models. The fact is that Thingiverse is not just providing 3d print designs for fun sake, it is serving the bigger and brighter picture of the future, that 3d printing will become more than printing fun models.

It is a fact that Thingiverse community is expanding faster than any 3d modeling community in the world. If you are just into sculpture and arts, you do not have to design your models from scratch. Just buy a quality 3d printer, and then you are ready to go. Here are some interesting designs that you can start your 3d printing career with.

The Benefits

In case you are not aware, Thingiverse is a vast online community that shares and hosts 3d printable files on its portal. The community is owned by the famous 3d printing company Makerbot. At its core, the community shares some exciting and innovative designs, blueprints, sketches, and pictures. In short, this community shares nearly everything that you can and cannot think of. Upon visiting this universe, the first thing you’ll notice is the innovation and brilliance of some of the members there.

Prosthetic Hands

Some uncanny designs and blueprints will like to capture your imagination to the extent that you’ll feel an itch in your hand to print them.  There is more to this community than just pleasant and innovative designs. For instance, a few months ago, a young member used the 3d printable model to prepare a prosthetic artificial human hand. This 16-year-old member had made this for a person who lost many fingers in one hand due to an accident.


Han blaster belt buckle
Han Solo Belt Buckle

Remember the time when you often ended up breaking the buckle of your bag or suitcase? Well, now there is a permanent solution available for broken buckles. Just download a blueprint plan for a buckle, choose the size and dimensions and material you want to print the buckle with, and give it a try. You can use a variety of materials for

printing a durable, precise buckle for anything you want.

Drone Tech

It is a type of DIY type drone whose blueprint plan is available for

Rey's Speeder Bike
Rey’s Speeder Bike

download at the Thingiverse community. The plan is elaborate enough and seems to have covered all the required areas. You can download the files and print everything from the airframe to propellers for free. Just 3d print your very own drone design with a motor and camera from the open market. As such, you’ll end up with your very own designed fully functional drone at less than half the cost of a commercial one in the market.

Piggy Bank

Yoda figure bank
Yoda figure bank

How often do you ended up breaking your piggy bank by dropping it by mistake? This will no longer be the case as Thingiverse now has a piggy bank designs that will  allow you to make one of your own. You can choose a durable material so that it doesn’t break easily. Choose a soft plastic, rubber or even wood composite filament to print a sustainable piggy bank to keep your money safe.

Phone charging shelf

Wall Shelf

If you are a frequent user of a smartphone, you understand that your phone runs out of battery life all too often. Well, Thingiverse creators seems to have picked up on that and made available useful designs that will let you 3d print a durable and lightweight wall shelf for charging. For people who have chargers with smaller power cords this design will become quite handy.  Just download the blueprint of the wall shelf and 3d print one yourself.

Calendar Block
Calendar Block

Calendar Block

Though not a must have for every home, the calendar is an elegant and handy tool for reminding yourself of the date and month in case you tend to forget both. Download the plan from Thingiverse and give your desk a handy calendar.

Tip Designers

While Thingiverse prides itself as a depository of open source files for 3D printing, many of the designers would like to be

Tip designer button in the designer profile section of each designers page.
Tip designer button in the designer profile section of each designers page.

compensated for their quality designs. Recently Thingiverse enabled the public to tip designers with a Tip Designer button in their profile. If there is a design you would like to tip a designer for, you can use PayPal to transfer funds to the designer. While this payment platform is not as powerful as other sites like MyMiniFactory which actively sells digital files, it is nice for designers in Thingiverse to be paid for their modeling time.

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  1. Chemy says

    My favorite at first was the Drone (Rey’s Speeder Bike) and at the end the same, pretty amazing!

    1. 3D-PT says

      Nice drone print for sure!

  2. [email protected] says

    Wow i didn’t know all this was out there. Thanks for sharing.

    1. 3D-PT says

      Glad I could help!

  3. Marla says

    I really want to try out a 3d printer!!

  4. kattzzz says

    I am so amazed with 3D printer but know virtually nothing about it, thanks guys, now I’ll be able too come here and read all about it.

    1. 3D-PT says

      Thank You! Visit the class section for courses written about 3D printing.

  5. Arief says

    Good post.. thank you

  6. Kathleen says

    I have seen 3D printers and they are really interesting, a fun thing for the nerd in your life, my grandson is a nerd, always making interesting things out of LEGO’s. He is 14 and hopes to be an engineer of some type! Thank you.

    1. 3D-PT says

      Glad you found us! I agree 3D printing is fun!

  7. Courtney says

    I will have to try that quad copter print .

  8. N.l. says

    I can not believe all that goes into a 3d printer. I have only seen pictuawwres of them but they look awsome.

    1. 3D-PT says

      The sky is really the limit (unless you print an airplane) with 3D printing. Starting with other files is a good way to start, then you can enjoy the satisfaction of using a CAD program to build your own object and see it come to life. I’ve turned parts out in as little as 4 hours from a rough sketch to final print.

  9. [email protected] says

    I love the Yoda figure bank and the wall shelf.

  10. Romeo says

    Being my dream is to change the world and offer that of what other’s are often unable to do on their own…. The sky continues to really be the limit and with 3D printing I can help do fundraising, tutoring – helping w/ homework assignments, recitals / plays and more. Starting from the most surprising, it’s expanding faster than any technology (especially in the 3d modeling community).

    Best of luck to everyone!

  11. Michael says

    Some really cool stuff, Thanks.

  12. Nate says

    Really liking this blog. Going to print that Rey quad as soon as I get my printer calibrated.

  13. Tom Baxter says

    I want to print the Han Solo belt holster!

  14. Richard Bynum says

    I love the Thingiverse website! I like to visit and just browse all the prints and end up staying on the site for an hour without even realizing it!

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