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The dark world of 3d printing videogame models

Nothing is ever easy Let me paint you a picture. It's 3am in the morning. I'm sleep deprived and fighting insomnia (rational thought has left...
Dead Stormtrooper

3DPrint this you must: Star Wars Models

I will start this post confessing a sin: I never watched Star Wars. Never interested me to watch, but it has been said its...

Useful Things You Can Print From Thingiverse

Though you’ll find hundreds of 3d printing communities on the World Wide Web, Thingiverse is probably the most popular of them all for several...
Sad face pic

Who’s 3D model is it?

Why we need creative commons attribution A recent controversy has erupted in the 3D printing world. Thingiverse member Louise Driggers posted a 3D model of a...