Dead Stormtrooper

3DPrint this you must: Star Wars Models

I will start this post confessing a sin: I never watched Star Wars. Never interested me to watch, but it has been said its a movie that you should watch, If not for pleasure then atleast so you can understand what your friends are posting on your feed and all the references.

But that doesn’t stop me to make a blog post digging for models of StarWars.

Dead Stormtrooper

Dead Stormtrooper



This dead Stormtrooper already got some fans on the 3DPrinting community. And was designed by Paul Braddock. If you check the link of this model, below this picture you have the community prints of it, and you can see the different finishing that everyone did for this model, and get inspiration for your print.






Fillennium Malcon -> Millenium Falcon  ?

Millenium Falcon Star Wars


Based on my quick search on father google, the Millenium Falcon is the spaceship of Han Solo. This awesome model rich in details is named on Thingiverse like Fillenium Malcon for some odd reason and was designed by Andrew Aaskedall, and it haves more than 11.000 likes. Sometimes I see some people printing it… I tried once in an event with a friend to print some small ones, but they all failed =/ However, this model can test your printer calibration because of the details… And if you are a fan, this model should be on your printer asap.



Kylo Ren Helmet

Star Wars Kylo Ren


Kylo Ren, that google say’s that is Han Solo and Leia son aspires to be the new Darth Vader. So if you are on the dark side of the force you need to print this helmet. Get that and a light cyber and you are good to piss off your friends. =D

This model was designed by Luke Daley, and you have a couple of models to print and then assemble.








Kylo Ren Light Saber

Light Cyber Star Wars


As you can see, I already did for you the whole work, now you have the handle of Kylo Ren light saber, so you can build your whole costume of Ren. This model was designed by Cemal Cetinkaya, and isn’t the first time that he appears on my lists.

Ps.: The red parts are photoshopped =P





Storm Trooper Helmet

Sotmrtrooper helmet star wars


With Halloween approaching you can have a nice time with this helmet of a Storm Trooper, you can 3DPrint scaled for your head, and paint using all those finishing tools of 3Dprinting. It requires supports for the front based on the photos of this model on MyMiniFactory. Looks like a great model to start to learn the art of finishing 3D printed models.






Sith Acolyte Mask

Sith Acolytte Mask Star Wars


Well, I just found the mask of my friend that attends by a nickname of Sithlord. This mask is so rich on details and the finishing looks delightful. Even no being a StarWars fan I would print one of that to decorate my room. This model was designed by Peter Snyder. He has a few masks under his account on MyMiniFactory, that worth a look on it.







BB8 Star Wars




With a cuteness that makes a lot of people fall in love like Baby Groot did, BB8 was a huge success on the last movie of Star Wars. Now you can print one too. This cute robot was designed by Fabio Bautista, and you print all parts separated and then assemble to form the BB8.







Last but not least…


R2D2 Star Wars

R2D2 is almost a mark of Star Wars, even me that doesn’t know almost anything about this movies, know the importance of this robot for the history. This is 1/4 scaled model designed by US Water Rockets printed in several parts and then assembled. This model has movable head and legs, and the middle leg(?) retracts to the inside of the model. It’s astonishing the quality of this print and its finishing.





Well, did you liked this post? Let me know in the comments below! Soon new lists and more models to you to print!

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Soon new lists and more models to you to print!

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