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Rolloe Roll Off Emissions prototype: Winner of the Design Innovation in Polymer 2020 award. Sponsored by IOM3 & Covestro. © KRISTEN TAPPIN

This 3D printed bike wheel is capable of purifying the air

The shift from cars to bicycles is already an important step towards cleaner air, especially in big cities, where pollution is reaching alarming levels....
New 3D Printing Method uses milk-based material

Researchers develop a milk-based 3D printing method

Researchers at SUTD managed to develop a 3D printing method to print milk structures  Food-based materials and 3D printing are not strangers. We have mentioned...

Create Mechanically Sound Parts

3D Printing hobbyists say that a considerable obstacle with 3D printed parts is that they are apt to weaknesses in the printing process. Missing...

GPL Source Code for the Creality CR-10S

Recently a growing 3D Printer company has come under fire for what is being termed a violation of GPL terms by some in the 3D printing community. First let me say I am not here to take sides and I do not represent Creality or even own one of their printers. In this article I will attempt to present my unbiased view of this incident and allow you the reader to make any conclusions. I intend to leave this article open-ended and not present my conclusion as to guilt or incidence
3D printing medical center

Québec’s provincial government to invest nearly $2.31M in Medical 3D printing center

Medical 3D printing center to be the first of its kind in the Canadian province Québec Industrial Research Center (CRIQ), together with the CHU Québec-Université Laval...