Quantum X shape is Nanoscribe’s new high-precision 3D printer featuring design freedom for virtually any 2.5D or 3D shaped structure and offering high-quality with maximum throughput

Nanoscribe Launches Quantum ShapeX

The Quantum Shape X printer was recently launched by Nanoscribe. Quantum X shape is a high-precision printer for Precise prototyping and wafer-scale batch production.

Quantum shape X focuses on efficiency and speed, printing upon wafers up to 6 inches in size.
The Quantum shape X efficiency makes it valuable to research labs and large-scale manufacturing such as life sciences, fluids, Micromechanics, material engineering and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS).
Speed and accuracy are highly valued in Additive manufacturing, the quantum X shape offers agile additive manufacturing,
Where accuracy and speed are equally balanced to give a high level of quality and productivity.

Quantum X the first Two-Photon Grayscale Lithography (2GL ®) system launched in 2019 specialised in surface patterning, The new Quantum shape offers better 3D microfabrication efficiency.
Quantum X offers a high-level microfabrication process from nano to large-sized structures,

and is suited for wafer-level
batch processing.

With the Quantum X shape, Nanoscribe is setting new standards in wafer-scale high-precision microfabrication for scientific and industrial purposes,” says Dr Michael Thiel, CSO and Co-Founder of Nanoscribe.

“While the Quantum X is already driving the ultra-fast fabrication of flat micro-optics through Two-Photon Grayscale Lithography, we expect the Quantum X shape to make high-precision 3D printing based on Two-Photon Polymerization an unrivalled efficient and reliable tool for rapid prototyping and batch production in research labs and industry.”

The Quantum shape X offers 3 very important assets

  • A high-precision 3D Microfabrication Technology
  • Enhancing Precision and speed to increase output
  • Ui friendly workflow

High-precision 3D Microfabrication Technology

nanoscribe quantum X

Two-Photon polymerization:

Using a 3D printing approach that offers the highest precision and design freedom

  • The DIW system is best for the microfabrication of 2.5D and 3D objects with submicrometer precision on areas up to 25 cm².
  • Microfabrication objects with feature size control down to 100 nanometres in all spatial directions for nano and micro printing
  • mesoscale printing up to 50 millimetres object size,

The quantum X shape makes short work of this.

Enhancing Precision and speed to increase output an automatic interface finder that notices substrate surfaces with a precision of nanometers.
it can scan at the highest scan speed, combined with self-calibration routines,
The results are accurate prints in the shortest amount of time

Ui-friendly workflow with the nanoscribe quantum X

Expanded Conclusion:

In addition to its cutting-edge design and automatic photo-resin dispensing function, the Quantum X shape 3D printer stands out as an optimal solution for industrial batch processes involving standard wafers up to 6 inches. This upright system not only streamlines the printing process but also ensures a seamless and efficient workflow for large-scale manufacturing.

The incorporation of nanoConnectX, a remote access software, elevates user experience by providing all-encompassing control at the touch of a button on a connected touchscreen. This innovative feature not only empowers users to manage the system remotely but also fosters enhanced collaboration and teamwork. With the ability to control the printer from their computers, users can efficiently coordinate tasks, share insights, and collectively contribute to the success of the additive manufacturing process.

Moreover, the Quantum X shape contributes to reducing preparation time in laboratory settings to an absolute minimum. This efficiency boost translates to increased productivity, allowing researchers and professionals to focus more on the core aspects of their work rather than getting entangled in prolonged setup procedures. The seamless integration of this 3D printer into existing workflows promotes a collaborative environment, further fostering a sense of teamwork among users.

Erik Gatenholm, the visionary CEO and Co-Founder of BICO, emphasizes the groundbreaking nature of the Quantum X shape. He notes that its launch exemplifies the innovative potential of high-precision 3D printing, particularly in the realm of demanding life science applications. The Quantum X shape not only represents a leap forward in technology but also signifies a transformative tool for various industries, showcasing how precision and efficiency can be seamlessly merged to meet the intricate demands of cutting-edge applications. As we move forward, this 3D printer promises to redefine the landscape of additive manufacturing, providing a robust platform for pushing the boundaries of what is possible in high-precision 3D printing.

Source: Nanocribe

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