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A cup of coffee is beneficial to waking your mind up from the morning drab.
The Nespresso was released back in 1986 and since then many innovations have risen and continues to evolve with every passing day.

One such innovation created by two engineering students running a startup called Caps Me is Capsulette.

Nespresso machines are well known and used by coffee connoisseurs all around the world.
But these easy to use machines and their accessories have harmed the environment.

it is because of this that Caps Me aims to change daily routines by providing coffee consumers with a turnkey kit enabling them to reuse code capsules.
A crucial application due to the number of capsules not being recycled.

Caps Me’s Capsulette aims to encourage coffee lovers to rethink their consumption habits.
This is coming at a period where the effects of climate change are more noticeable,

and preservation of the environment is growing more imperative.
With success in developing a functional prototype,

The founders of Caps Me,

Jean de Boisredon, and Thibault Louvet,
Set out to find a partnership that enables them to respond to a growing amount of orders they are receiving.
To do this,

Cap Me is partnering with Kimya,

A French manufacturer under The ARMOR group.
Jaan de Boisredon says

“3D printing guarantees us great adaptability by allowing us to continue to proceed by iterations,

as well as during 3D printing of parts.”
He further added

“We are eager to create a solution that makes sense.

This is the reason being able to rely on a production line in France was a key factor in partnership.”

The adaptability of 3D printing makes it the obvious choice for such a project in terms of manufacturing.
With the production capacity provided by the technology,

A Partnership with efficeincy

The KIMIYA factory manufactured 6600 kits in the first half of achieve this,

the black KIMIYA PETG-S 3D filament was used,

mostly because it is compatible with the food contact dry product standard.

Even if the Capulette s extremely efficient, to Jean DE Boiserdon,

innovation does not stop
He ends by adding

” with the flexibility of 3D printing,

We are allowed to develop new releases easily, and to continually update our product.”
6,000 units are currently in production,

proving the product’s success.

Would you like to acquire a capsulate?

A price tag of 59euros, you can get it on the Caps Me website

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