Riso Paradiso 3D prints an entire decor

Riso Paradiso offers an ice-cream-filled adventure and an entire 3D printed decor

Welcome to the Riso Paradiso . In a small town near Catania, in Sicily, there is an ice cream cocktail bar.
The first sentence reads like the beginning of a fairy tale. It almost is.
This recently opened ice cream cocktail offers some of the most ingenious hand-made ice creams you can dream of, including Tronchetto and Pezzo Duro. Ricotta and Campari grapefruit,

A unique adventure from the Riso Paradiso

The cocktail bar offers a wide variety of flavors for your palette.
Riso Paradiso bar aims to take your palette on a sensory adventure through Sicily’s unique ice-cream-making heritage
The reason for Riso Paradiso’s uniqueness, however, is not only its novel ice cream flavours.

What makes it stand out from any other ice cream parlor anywhere in the world is its interior and exterior decor.
The entire decor is entirely 3D printed.
From the light shades to the stool, every decorative piece in the ice cream bar is entirely 3d printed.

Interior of the Riso Paradiso

The dexterity and low cost of 3D printing make sense from an economic point of view.
The founders intend to sell copies of the uncommon 3D-printed furniture designs,

Designs that can be quickly copied via the technology used to create them

chnadelier of the Riso paradiso

One reason this may be so is LFAM
Large-format additive manufacturing ( LFAM) has become extremely popular in recent times.

A fast-growing startup Carasol created a proprietary LFAM robotic extrusion technology and provided the 3D printer to build up the ice cream bar furniture.

Caracol’s facility located in Como, near Milan, Northern Italy, leverages numerous multi-axis extrusion systems and proprietary software platforms to overcome traditional 3D printing limits.

Towards a more sustainable future

It provides bespoke, advanced design-to-production solutions for numerous sectors, from maritime to aerospace.
The company aims to redesign the present production system toward a more efficient, progressive, and sustainable future, through sensible use of technology and consideration for nature and available resources.

Caracol may work with companies in energy, aerospace and other industries, its technology is more beneficial to entrepreneurs and small-scale enterprises (SMEs)
A reason for this is how affordable Caracol’s LFAM extrusions are., especially when used in the form of standard granulates.
Riso’s interior design materials were made with a mix of biodegradable PLA and other recycled plastics.

Why did it make more sense to 3D print the entire cocktail bar?

Blending talent and technology

The last reason for this is easy Through a combination of ideas from the owners and the creativity of Federica Cistuado, a jewelry designer, The dexterity of Caracol’s technology and the talent of the local ice cream master, Franco Patane, Riso Paradiso, provide a unique adventure. Combining tradition and innovation is unique anywhere in the world.

And who doesn’t like ice cream?

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