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Why 3D Printing in the Renewable Energy Sector Could Be a Game-Changer

With the supply levels of fossil fuels reaching all-time lows and the effects of climate change running rampant, the need for change in the energy sector is clear. Creative and sustainable solutions must be put into action. And 3D printing is prepared to respond. Along with its versatility, 3D printing […]

QLS 350 selective laser sintering (SLS) system lineup

Nexa3D’s New QLS 350 SLS System to Allow users bring 3D printing to Production Floor At Scale

Nexa3D, Producers of Ultrafast polymer 3D printers, today opened up on its prelaunch of its QLS 350 selective laser sintering system (SLS) system.The QLS 350 Thermoplastic 3D printer makes good on its promise of significant cost reduction when compared to conventional methods and delivers unique production throughput and flexibility.allowing users […]

3D build by weerg

Italian Firm WEERG points out the benefits of nesting in 3D printing

Italian Firm WEERG is hosting the largest Installation of HP Multi Jet Fusion model 5210 3D printers at its Venice Facility,The firm, which offers CNC machining and printing through the weerg.com site,has developed a new product primarily aimed at high volume production customers, such as service, professional and industrial customers, […]

Wematter Gravity SLS 3D Printing Ecosystem

WEmatter partners with Linköping University

Wematter, The organisation behind the gravity SLS 3D printing ecosystem continues to bolster its influence in the educational sector by signing an agreement with Linköping University (LiU) in Sweden.Students of the University will have access to Wematter Gravity SLS 3D printer along with related software and equipmentThe aim of investing […]

The 3D printed Throne features a built-in skylight.

Upcycled plastics are turned into luxurious Portaloo

Social enterprise To.org has partnered with Dutch filament designer Reflow to 3D print a one-of-a-kind lavish portable plastics in the Swiss Alps. developed from the reflow of upcycled medical waste using an ABB 3D printer. The portable lavatory, a portaloo is constructed to highlight the unsanitary facilities or lack of […]

exOne maje it right video release

ExOne Showcases Ability to 3D Print Virtually Any Powder Material

A global leader in 3D printers and industrial sand using binder jetting technology ExOne company, Yesterday announced that it is considering partnering with manufacturers to develop any powder material for their specific application.In the new video titled “Let’s make it right” unveiled yesterday, material dexterity and sustainability is highlighted and […]

Oxia Palus recreates Hidden Picasso painting

Hidden Picasso painting recreated through AI and 3D printing by Oxia Palus

Picasso’s Blue Period showcased several beautiful paintings, and one such painting is The Blind Man’s Meal. characterized by its ethereal feeling that captures the hues of blue against its sombre background, Hidden for a century, art revealed The canvas at the time of Picasso’s blue period was one of the […]


Rice University researchers create Lattice flow from 3D printing

Researchers working on Rice materials are developing nanostructures of silicons with state-of-the-art 3D printer, showcasing a novel method in making microscale electronic, mechanical and photonic devices from the bottom up.The device can be doped and its crystal structures adjusted for different functions. The research was led by Jun Lou, a […]

engineers 3D print wearable sensors that can monitor the body

Researchers 3D-print custom, wireless wearable sensors that never need a charge

Researchers at the University of Arizona have designed a “Bio-symbiotic device, A kind of wearable device with unique features, Tracking the body’s function is becoming essential in modern society.A way of doing this is through sensors and devices that can effectively monitor these activities.Wearable sensors that can monitor everything from […]

Coral reef restoration

ArchREEF’s 3D printed tiles help revive the Hong Kong Coral reefs.

ArchREEF‘s 3D-printed tiles help revive the Hong Kong coral reefs. Environmental degradation has resulted in a large loss of land and sea habits. Earth’s coral reefs have been steadily diminishing as a result of human activity, and this might bring the planet’s biodiversity to a standstill if preventative steps are […]

The moon's surface

AON3D raises $11.5 million for Space Mission

Vital to the space race will be the ability to create cost-effective materials for projects on the moon, Mars, and beyond.AON3D, a Canadian-based company, is on a space race mission, raising 11.5 million dollars in a funding round with this aim, and bringing them a step closer to launching a […]