Astronomers 3D prints stars you can hold in your hands

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Would you hold the stars in your hands?
Astrophysicist and artist Mia Amara have the best of both worlds.
This unique Talent has helped create a project giving us imagery of Stellar nurseries, The womb of stars.

To better understand the structures where stars from,
Amara and her team3d printed baseball-sized orbs resembling large marbles with swirling designs.

In a statement to the University of California on Thursday
The project was made to understand the physical process stars go through before being formed.

These modes are made from opaque resin collected inside a transparent resin,
it gives its appearance of cosmic clouds suspended within a globe.
Half spheres were also made by the researchers to give a view into the varying stages of the nurseries.

Mia Amara’s work allows you to hold stellar nurseries in your hands. Source: Cnet

How were the patterns are made?
By running simulations of how star-forming clouds affect the different phases of a stellar nursery.
The slightest shifts in the simulation stand out when printed in 3D.
Forget viewing cosmic wonders on screen,
Now imagine holding these wonders in your hands? see into them and hold them. With Amara’s astronomy and art, This becomes a Possibility.

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