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Mars in 3D

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Soon humanity will colonise the stars, with more daring space explorations in the last decade it’s not that far fetched.

Simulations have given an idea of what life on Mars would be like and what habitat would ensure man’s survival.

A Texan construction firm building 3d printed home is helping NASA bring this to reality.
The 3d printed frame known as Mars Dune Alpha is a partnership between Icon and Bjarke Ingels Group.
The beauty of Icon’s system is smoothly constructing buildings on-site without the hard work of piecing individual parts.

Lately,3d printed homes have been on the rise and with its’s speed, it’s quite popular with homeowners.

3d printed home can take a couple of hours to build in comparison with a regular home,

An example of this is one of Icon’s projects while partnered with a new story,

a non-profit housing based in San Francisco to create a 360 square home that took only two days to build.

A Home In The Stars

In creating a home on Mars Icon and NASA is making a 3d printed habitat simulating mars’ environment along with homes for colonists.

when fully constructed Mars Dune Alpha will provide NASA’s handpicked crew with a fully customised room for each crew member.
Icon’s 3d printer, Vulcan churns out layers of cement to bring mars to earth in a controlled environment while simulating and informing NASA on crew’s health and performance in the alien environment.

there will be work stations,

medical stations and food growing stations all within the habitat.

It’s amazing the future of earth’s space adventure and with 3d printing.

We can better simulate the environment, when mankind colonises space we can even 3d print the materials we need for creating habitat on-site at an increased rate.

Icon’s next-gen Vulcan robotic printer is capable of printing homes and structures up to 3000 feet.

With this and a partnership with NASA, there will be of course multiple simulations of different alien landscapes better preparing us for a trip to the stars and an adventure lasting lightyears.

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