2nd VELO3D Metal 3D printer added by Launcher to produce rocket parts

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it’s a long way from 2014 when the first 3D rocket components were made.

3D printing is becoming more readily accepted in rocket building

as Launcher adds its second VELO3D additive manufacturing process to its rocket 3d printing system.

Created to make the world’s most effective rockets to launch (pardon the pun) to orbit,
Launcher installed its first VELO3D 3d printer back in April

to print parts in Inconel and will now make use of the second printer to print rocket parts in titanium.

After successful tests at NASA’s for the launcher’s liquid oxygen (LOX),

the company is currently working on printing a fuel pump,

flight turbine components and Orbiter pressure vessels.

Speaking on VELO3D efficiency Max Haot CEO & founder of Launcher says

” the turbopump including its 3D rotating propeller functioned perfectly running at 30,000rpm using the prototype”.

The cost of developing a turbo-pump is immense while flexibility is reduced with each design,

But with VELO3d’s 3d technology it is possible to print a turbo-pump at low cost and increased innovation Through iteration between prototypes.

Although Launcher has brought VELO3D’s AM technology to its Los Angeles facility,

When scaling up production the company will need to leverage VELO3D’s contract manufacturing associates like Stratasys Direct Manufacturing.

Benny Buller, CEO of VeLo3D said” launcher has proven and experienced the quality of advanced Meta additive manufacturing through their projects,

The potential this technology holds for expanding the success of Launcher”.
Launcher adds to a growing list of companies that have bought into VELO3D’s Metal printing technology, such as aerospace and space companies like SpaceX.

It also brings to mind the growing potential of 3D printing in the rocket building space,

and also a sustainable way for printing materials even while on space missions.

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