The pro3 Series from Raise 3D, a smarter printer

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The pro3 Series from Raise 3D, a smarter printer
Come the last quarter of 2021, Raise3D is launching its Pro3 Series of extrusion-based printers.

An upgrade from the Pro2 Series comes with industrial-grade repeatability, improved usability, and overall higher performance.

The series is aimed at customers using 3D printing in agile or small batch production.
Coming in two sets of 3D printers.
it features a smaller type with a build volume of 300 x 300 x 300mm.
and a larger format pro3 plus featuring a build volume measuring 300 x 300 x 605mm.

The pro3 series has a wide range of use cases with its segments and is capable of printing most filaments that ejects up to 300 degrees C,

Quoting the CEO of Raise3D global “the Pro2 series launched in 2018 and with a favourable market response to the Pro2 series,
“We started aiming at implementing flexible Manufacturing Solutions with 3D printing’.
By kicking off the pro3 series, we can move forward with achieving flexible manufacturing”.

Dual-Extrusion Structure

The EVE Assistant
Source: Raise3D

Equipped with an independent modular extruder with a dual-extrusion structure,
The pro3 series can print a wide range of filaments while reducing clogging and allowing easy detachments and replacements of components.

Switching from abrasive to non-abrasive materials is easier with the new interchangeable hot-end system for users that either uses different nozzle types or require printing at higher speeds.

Anyone using printers for Production and who wants to run a routine check should check out the pro3 series,

while the pro2 has a factory calibration the pro3 moves up a notch by having an Auto Bed Levelling.
Auto Bed reduces the time given to calibration and increases production speed.

In terms of safety, the two pro3 devices have an Airflow manager system positioned at the back,
mounted with a HEPA air filter,

it is aimed at regulating heat dissipation and airflow movement in the build chamber, as well as maintaining air supply for a pleasant printing environment.

The Eve System

Coming with an inbuilt smart system aptly named EVE.
The Pro3 Series EVE assistant can help Diagnose and resolve issues that might affect the final print.
while also evaluating the system and notifying users to maintain their printer.
The Pro3series is set for release in the Q4 of 2021, though there is no release date yet.

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