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3D team pitches Game-Changing Idea to Lion’s Den

Holding Annually in the Canadian province of New Brunswick And hosted by the Saint John Regional Hospital Foundation. The Lion’s Den aims to improve health care with innovative ideas and Inventions
With a grand prize of $500,000, there is a lot to battle for.
The winner of the competition will also win a grant of $100,000 from the New Brunswick Innovation Foundation.
Dr Darren Ferguson Zach Kilburn and Dr Ian Maxwell are pitching their ideas to the panel of judges at Lion’s Den.
Imagine doctors being able to hold 3D images and feel the body parts they are working on.
The Idea: A 3d artificial intelligence lab will combine 3d printing and artificial intelligence
and will be used in pre-surgery planning.
If successful the team would have built the first 3D AI lab in Canada,
Why would it be beneficial to patients?

it would help doctors tailor-make the surgery process for each patient.

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Dr Ferguson, Zach Kilburn, and Dr Ian Maxwell. Source: Lion’s Den

3D Medical Innovations

CT scan, MRI and nuclear medicine are under diagnostic image services.
By combining each of these tests we can create what is called a 3D dataset that Doctors can work with

The objective according to Kilburn is to link what radiologists see and what surgeons see in the theatre,
With a shorter operating period, there’s less chance for errors and it usually leads to better outcomes for the patients when it’s done.
The $50000 price would allow them to purchase the printer as well as staff it and partner with referring practitioners.

Kilburn hopes to release the first 3D image in 6 months.
The 3D printing medical devices market is estimated to reach 5.1 billion us dollars by 2026
the Aim of this market is to cost-effectively manufacture equipment that is up to medical standards.
Runner-ups for Lion’s den pitch will also be awarded $75,000 for their project.

The Lion’s Den project can be streamed Online come September 10 on the Give.

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