Québec’s provincial government to invest nearly $2.31M in Medical 3D printing center

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Medical 3D printing center to be the first of its kind in the Canadian province

Québec Industrial Research Center (CRIQ), together with the CHU Québec-Université Laval network of hospitals just launched a project to open a $2.874 million (USD) medical 3D printing center in Québec City; although Quebecois patients are not strangers to medical 3D printing, the facility would be the first of its kind in the Canadian province.

Minister of the Capitale-Nationale region, François Blais — who did de announcement on behalf of Québec’s Minister of Economy, Science and Innovation Dominique Anglade — Said that the government would be contributing nearly $2.299 million (USD) of the total cost.

medical 3D printing center
François Blais, Minister of Employment and Social Solidarity in charge of the Capitale-Nationale region. Photo by Jacques Boissinot.

According to François Blais, Québec city currently relies on the United States to acquire plenty of equipment and supplies; therefore, the medical 3D printing center will offer benefits to patients in terms of cost and accessibility.

The forthcoming medical center will provide with 3D printing services for customized prosthesis and more

Most noteworthy, it has to be integrated into all hospitals within the region. The Medical 3D printing center will be involved with numerous opportunities for scientific advances in the medical field; For instance, researches in regenerative medicine by using bio 3D printing to make human tissues transplants.

The CHU Québec-Université Laval will also release its latest medical researches; from studies into 3D ultrasound planning for the treatment of cervical cancers, to 3D printing for personalized breast cancer therapy. About the announcement, Dr. Gaston Bernier, Chief of Dental Medicine in the Oncology department of the CHU Québec-Université Laval, commented:

“We’re talking about a game changer. In a few years we’ll be able to say that there was medical care before 3D printing but now, we are way beyond.”

That being said, it is clear that Dr. Bernier believes there will soon be many more medical 3D printing applications within everyone’s reach.

The CRIQ is also holding the 3D printing innovation program Réseau Québec-3D, which is a partner of the national AM accelerator Canada Makes. The center currently provides services to manufacturers in Québec by using EOS M 290 3d Metal Laser Printer; Caption: EOS M 290 3D Metal Laser Printing process.

Québec Research and Innovation Strategy 2012-2022

This huge investment is actually part of the government’s $2.16 billion (USD) budget to make the region “an innovative and creative society”. The Québec Research and Innovation Strategy 2012-2022 is also covering further plans for expenditure, released in May 2017; The strategy is under the charge of Minister Dominique Anglade.

“…[The implementation of this first integrated 3D medical center in Quebec is a good example of the major role that innovation plays in the advancement of science and health care]…”. Minister Anglade explained.


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  1. Jared Heifetz says

    Oh wow! This just took it to a whole new level!

  2. Richard Bynum says

    I’m blown away about bio 3D printing and regeneration of human tissue. It amazes me each time I hear about it and it’s moving forward so fast! I’ve been keeping up with the regeneration field because I’m paralyzed and the breakthroughs I read about give me hope for future spinal cord injuries. Having 3D bio printing might not be part of what I may need right now but it’s the next new technology for transplants and who knows what else and who else may benifit! Simply amazed!

  3. mperkins37 says

    This is where my biggest interest lies, I need a new lung

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