All Hail the hypnotoad!!!

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3D printing in recent years have seen a rise in use in the mainstream,
With increased access to the technology comes a wide range of new use cases for the emerging technology.
From a printed wagyu beef to printing a working tumour,

3d innovations continue to evolve at an astounding rate.

A diehard Futurama fan has 3D printed a “What-if-machine” so you can scream “do the bender!” from the comfort of your own home.”
The futurama series is cult classic animated series created by Matt Groening.
This follows a similar 3D printed copy of another creation of Groening,
The Simpsons appeared on the 3D printing subreddit back in August.
The TV is a perfect copy of the iconic theWhat-if box that appears in every episode opening and can play episodes from the first 11 seasons at random.
Reddit user Remmoheader along with his handy fingolonger demonstrated how that what-if machine works.

Reddit Futurama fan 3D what-if box from the series-opening , Source: Reddit

According to the user,

The device runs on a Raspberry Pi 3 in contrast to the Pi Zero that the Simpsons fan used.
the What-if box specifications include a

  • UCTRONICS 3.5 screen
  • DROK audio amp and 40mm speakers.

Contrasting with the Simpsons TV, which inspired this futurama fan, holding the power button allows you to turn on the best channel of all:
Hypnotoad TV,
All hail the Hypnotoad!

The use case of 3D printing continues to increase as much as its community does,
With a growing Reddit community of close to a million, more creatives ways are developed by users for the emerging technology.
A diverse range of uses that includes prototyping, Bioprinting and Prosthetics Shows the potential out of any emerging technology

Sourc: Reddit

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