Sinterit Declares launch of new lines of NILS 480 3D printers

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Sinterit, A polish additive manufacturing company just announced its new line of NILS 480 printers.

The NILS 480 creates a new industrial line,
independent from its previous lines of Lisa or Lisa Pro awarded SLLS 3D printers.

The NILS 480 when compared to previous Sinterit’s desktops features an upgraded build volume and higher print speed
With its large printing volume, fast build time and automated system, it makes it a valid choice for bulk 3D print users.
According to Sinterit, NILS 480 ROI can be attained within 40 days,
if you are planning on building a portfolio,

The Sinterit NILS 480 is a gateway printer for you,
Old heads in the industry are also not left out as the NILS 480 is also more agile.
Maxime Polosello, Sinteit’s CEO says ” the aim was always to create high-quality SLS and also making the technology easily accessible,
via an attainable price.
The NILS 480 is made from this experience in mind”.

Size and speed of the NILS 480

The NILS 480 is created with the small manufacturer in mind, providing a gateway to the world of additive manufacturing, it allows them to create higher volumes of small parts or larger single-unit models.
This is achieved via a printing area of 200 x 200 x 330 mm.
Higher and more capable than Sinterit’s previous largest printer; The Lisa PRO.


Much like its Lisa portfolio, The NILS 480 is built with cost efficacy in mind.

Sinterit says it will list price and complete NILS 480 specs on September 15 during its launching webinar.
Most industrial-grade SLS 3D printers have a price range of 100K EU upward,
With just a few within the 60K-100K range, But as per cost efficacy
Sinterit adds that it will
“open a new pricing chapter that makes industrial printers more accessible.”

A different kind of productivity

Previous experience in producing compact SLS 3D printers comes in handy for Sinterit.
optimal printing cost is desirable to any producer.
The NILS 480 achieves this with a smart distribution system and an automated bed removal.
it covers a wide range of key industry needs and the NILS 480 is open to varied adjustments.

A User can set up more than 50 printing parameters and use third party materials,

answering the need of scientists and academians.
Reduced waste in SLS 3D printing
A Factor in this how economic the NILS 480 is in regards to limited powder waste specificity

UI friendly

Specialisation, trained operators, print preparation and maintenance are terms synonymous with industrial SLS printers,
Sinsterit hopes to reduce this,
With an easily accessible UI system that is even better than the previous Lisa SLS line.

The launch on September 15 will list the price and specification of the NIL 480’s

and will be hosted by Sinsterit CEO, Polesello.

Source: Sinterit

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