Celwise AB uses exOne’s 3D printing tool

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source: Celwise AB

Celwise AB of Norrköping aims to change the paper and plastics industry by creating an all-new water-resistant material and products that are recyclable,

renewable and environmentally friendly with unique EXOne 3D printed tools.

The company is using ExOne Company ( Nasdaq: XONE) 3D printed tools for its patented process of turning wood and other cellulose fibres into a broad range of environmentally friendly packages and products.
The patented method for creating this new mould fibre product can only be made with 3D printing,

Such as ExOne’s binder jetting technology.

Patented and improved upon over the past 10 years,
Celwise’s technology focuses on sustainability and eco-friendly methods,

And the technology is being adopted by several global companies, across multiple industries including

consumer products, cosmetics, food and beverages.

It’s no news that more researches are being made into more environmentally friendly products for safer earth.
“More than ever our planet needs this,” Says John Hartner, ExOne’s CEO.
” We are delighted to partner with Celwise on delivering this crucial innovation”.

The process

Celwise’s patented method uses unique tooling and machine,

As well as a novel process to complete its final product.
While most paper product manufacturing slowly removes water for moulded products that must be coated for resisting water.

However through their patented technology removes water by enabling cellulose fibres to rebond with each other faster,

Creating a woodlike paper product that is strong and water-resistant.


By 3D printing a series of forming, transferring and pressing tools, Celwise gives more design flexibility to their customer’s product.

ExOne’s binder jet 3D printing turns powdered materials into highly dense and functional precise parts at high speed.
Binder jet 3D printing is highly desirable and sustainable,

Mostly because of its precision speed,
cost-effectiveness and low waste as well as material flexibility.

Why ExOne? most metal 3D printing can create the type of tools needed by Celwise,

Pierce predicts that ExOne binder jetting technology gives a twenty per cent time savings as well as reduce cost by 30-40%.

Sources: Business wire, gurufocus

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