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Italian Firm WEERG points out the benefits of nesting in 3D printing

Italian Firm WEERG is hosting the largest Installation of HP Multi Jet Fusion model 5210 3D printers at its Venice Facility,The firm, which offers CNC machining and printing through the weerg.com site,has developed a new product primarily aimed at high volume production customers, such as service, professional and industrial customers, who can now acquire a 3D build unit.

A Cost Efficent printer from WEERG

HP Multi Jet Fusion industrial printing systems print build structures able to contain hundreds of 3D materials, with the same size, shape, quantity, or with varying attributes.

the cost of production of a building structure is fixed, irrespective of the number of components it contains.
Therefore by optimizing part making up the structure, we can achieve reduced unit production costs.
the economic advantages of this system are related to the use of nesting,

which enables the assembling of components by optimizing the content of the structure.

” to attain optimal nesting, which theoretically can be done manually, with the major expenditure of assets, we recommend the use of specialised software,among the many available on the market,”

Says Matteo Rigamonti, Founder of Weerg.
This software automatically rotates and shifts a set of 3D pieces in a structure to reduce space,and optimize the quantity and quality of the printed parts.

Increased gains through nesting

The user would also be able to use the software to specify the number of parts and the minimum distance between individual parts.
” The best gains are achieved when nesting is used to fill the entire Build 3D space”.continues Rigamonti.
The 3D Build technique suggested by WEERg enables 3D printing compatibility with HP MJF technology in three different materials: nylon PA12, Nylon PA11 and polypropylene.

” Since its latest release, this new service has increased interest among companies needing to produce quantities over their production capacity by outsourcing surplus, or that are dealing with temporary overwork or machine downtime”, Added Rigamonti.
” The success of this formula can be attributed from the extreme ease from which customers can perform nesting, sending the firm the 3D file of the structure, with the assurance that delivery will be made in a 3 working days span”.

To date, Weerg’s 3D Build service uses HP MJF technology,

which assures industrial performance in terms of quality, productivity, and delivery times.

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