Using 3D printing construction technology to create Modern buildings

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3D printing construction service by HS-HITECH managed to build one-of-a-kind architectural elements that allow both designers and engineers to design freely while supporting the massive production of customized products. By using HP Multi Jet Fusion technology, the Korean company was able to design the various joints of a glass substructure called Blobee. This structure actually serves as a workspace, a simple coffee shop, or even a room to rest.

More outstanding, not only HS-HITECH successfully surpassed current shape and geometry limitations in the industry, they also reduced lead times and costs in a great manner. In addition, the company has opened a Construction 3D printing laboratory to characterize manufacturing processes and go further in the creation process. See the video below for more information on this project:

Video: HS-HITECH Designs Atypical Buildings with HP Multi Jet Fusion Technology

Caption: “With HP Multi Jet Fusion technology, HS-Hitech can create uniquely designed architectural elements, allowing designers and engineers to design freely while supporting large-quantity production of customized products.” Author: HP. Source: Youtube.

Thanks to HP MJF technology, HS HITECH was able to imagine Blobee, a system of custom-made joints that can be assembled together regardless of their shape. The end result is a multifunctional, fully glazed space. The company points out that the HP machines offer both greater speed of execution and the ability to produce large customized parts. 

In most cases, current manufacturing methods are not suitable for imagining atypical architectures, façades, and interiors, mainly in terms of geometries:

“For example, if we imagine that there are triangles with different angles at the same vertex, the structures supporting them are not in the same plane or phase. Several efforts are then required to bring these parts together and we have based our entire joining system on these geometry issues“.

Seung Gyu Yu, Head officer at the Construction 3D Printing laboratory

HS-HITECH is an interesting company in the industry of 3D printing. It operates primarily as a manufacturer of electronics and semiconductors (for which it also uses 3D printing). Though HS-HITECH remains rather discreet about the arrival of these atypical structures in the world, we will not fail to keep info up-to-date about the progress of this project.

Blobee architectural element made with the help of Construction 3D printing technology
Image: Final results of the Boblee project. Source: HS-HITECH.

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