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HP 3D Printing University: A new space for the community

Meet HP 3D printing University space

3D printing can improve a lot of manufacturing processes and people out there need to know how to implement this technology in their lifes. In order to keep bringing the additive world to more public and business, HP inaugurated 3D Printing University a few days ago during an event.

HP 3D Printing University
HP presented its first edition of HP 3D Printing University last week (Oct. 16-18) at In3Dustry, an additive printing fair celebrated in Barcelona.

How come? Well, the company had direct participation in Barcelona’s Industry Week and took in the HP Jet Fusion 580 Color 3D Printer and the HP Metal Jet.

First product incorporates unique 3D printing technology, making it possible to produce functional parts in full color or black and white in much less time than usual, besides it’s all on a single platform.

In addition to having an enhanced workflow solution and the world’s first integrated automated material supply system, it allows for a greater number of automated operations. That promisses to greatly facilitate performance and increasing production throughput.

HP Metal Jet Printers

Sencond machine, HP Metal Jet, is the world’s most advanced 3D printer for large-scale manufacturing of industrial metal parts. “With productivity up to 50 times higher and at a significantly lower cost than other 3D printing methods. This innovative printer created to revolutionize industrial manufacturing is already being used with major international brands such as Volkswagen”. That’s what HP says.

So, what was exactly 3D Printing University about?

It was an open-access educational space with the support of experts from HP 3D Printing and in collaboration with In3Ddustry. The main purpose was to educate visitors about additive printing. The company offered a nice way to know the benefits of digital transformation in the industry.

This program featured open lectures for everyone from students to businesses. Main topics were presentations about the great possibilities that additive manufacturing has in the industrial field; New printing materials that are about to come; 3D printing in the world of robotics, automotive and machinery manufacturing. It also promoted HP’s implementation of 3D printing technology on their own products.

What do you think of these events? Would you like to see HP jet fusion performance during an event?

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