5 Quick prints to set the mood for halloween

Let’s bring the Halloween spirit with some fun prints you still have time to do.

So it’s 10 days to Halloween. This is the time of year when I really enjoy my 3d printers. I don’t cosplay but I always like to dress up for Halloween. Being a father I get to go back into public dressed up to embarrass my son which builds character. For this Article though I’m going to skip the costumes and other elaborate 3d prints because by this point you’re either already doing that or have finished your prints/costumes. I want to give the rest of you that just want to have something that wasn’t bought at Walmart. With that here are a few I picked out for fun printing this year.

Pumpkin Spider

Why save the best for last. Get printing this asap. Few things get me more agitated than the words Pumpkin Spice. So the fact that I can throw a pumpkin spider at the next person who sends me Pumpkin spice spaghetti sauce gives me the warm fuzzies.

86419de4a0be234a910a764f40f5fd19 preview featured
Creator Megawillbot

This wins Halloween 2018. I have printed 4 of these little suckers and already scared the crap out of a friend of mine. Sure a large reason he screamed like an extra in a bad horror movie was that I threw it at him while yelling “Holy crap that spider is huge” but I will take that as a win. That’s what he gets for sending me a box of pumpkin spice cereal.

Halloween Lithophane

Finally a lithophane I want to print. This just screams Halloween, and in your window will tell all the little ghouls and goblins your house has candy.

18e2999891374a475d0687ca9f989d83 preview featured
Creator Zando2k

I can’t wait to set this up on my porch. I have 2 large format printers so I plan to print this as large as possible. Overall this should look fantastic with some spiderwebs and maybe a small fog machine.


Yes, you can go and buy them at almost any store by now but I feel having a few custom ones laying around will help your house stand apart from everyone else. I like this one for the scar on the eye. This is one of those things that you can customize to fit your theme really easily and even a failed print can turn into a spooky Halloween prop.

7a430f41605d20cd684ba1a43665e035 preview featured
Creator Bugman 140


Maybe you want to send a message to the nosy neighbor or just add some more flare. This is an easy model to customize. If you really want to mess with the kiddies put the names of those Marvel characters that didn’t make it. You know the ones I’m talking about.

Halloween Headstones preview featured
Creator Ideaform3d

I don’t feel so good.

Halloween Cookie Cutter

Yeah these are cheap and you can get a lot of them off amazon but I thought this one was cool. Kind of throws a spin on Ye olde Ginger Bread Man.

DrWiktor preview featured
Creator 3dwork


Let’s get out there and make Halloween Spooky again. It’s time to take back Halloween for all the werewolves and Vampires. I’ll be throwing a pumpkin spider at the next Harley Quin or Iron man I see this Halloween. What will you be doing?


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