How small can you print? 7 tiniest 3D prints that you can imagine

The 3D printers which we use always have a minimum structural size that can be printed. But research and exploration in the field has led to rapid development of technologies that can print objects in micro and nano scales. Such dimensions mean that the object is hardly visible to naked eyes. Here is a collection of such tiny 3D prints to make you blink your eyes twice.

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Assemble the gear you need to win those Office battles.

It’s time to stand up and conker your office. The weekend is here so you have time to plan your attack. When you go back to work on Monday, if you print these items of office Warfare you too will have the firepower to conker the Villians that subject you to the evil of Mondays. I plan to be amassing enough firepower…

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Get your children involved in 3d printing this summer.

As a father I’m always on the lookout for things I can do with my son. The key to helping your kids grow and learn is getting them interested in learning by making it fun. Growing up I remember my father doing similar things. He would take me camping but while we were out in nature he would add small…

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5 Cool robotics projects made possible by 3d printing.

Atlas robots

I Love Robotics. I am a child of the 80’s after all. Movies like the Terminator,Short Circuit,Fight of the navigator, Robocop, and many more movies, tv shows and video games left me with a craving for everything robotic.America and japan are about to have a giant robot battle,how great is that? The great thing is I get to grow up…

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Use this miniature cinder block to build object at home or print a big bunch for your child to play with.

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