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Assemble the gear you need to win those Office battles.

It’s time to stand up and conker your office with these 3D models. The weekend is here so you have time to plan your attack. When you go back to work on Monday, if you print these items of office Warfare you too will have the firepower to conker the Villians that subject you to the evil of Mondays. I plan to be amassing enough firepower for an army that I will lead to the gates of freedom. Ok maybe all out War on your place of employment isn’t a good idea. But that jerk Bob from down the hall stole your stapler for the last time and it’s now payback time. Let’s get Dangerous.

(Not Really don’t use any of these 3D models at work unless it’s a place that allows this sort of thing it could cost you your job)


Between Fusion 360 and places like Thingiverse, it’s amazing That I ever get anything done. Printing things is even starting to edge out my gaming time. I think professionals call this an addiction. I can quit any time. I just choose not too. If you’re like me then you too will be running another spool through the printer making a few of these. If you’re not feel free to point and laugh at the crazy guy Reenacting Patton’s speech to an army of Printed Pikachu.

Summon your army with a Shofar -Ram’s Horn – 3D models

3D models
by MakerBot, published Sep 8, 2012

Call your minions with your very own warhorn. My son saw this and wanted one so I am printing it now as  Write this article. I’m expecting to hate my life when this finishes printing.

CROSSBOW – Start your war!

3D models
by FARE3Ditalia, published Nov 6, 2014

3D models

Every army needs its weapons and to start your armory I suggest this little crossbow. The perfect concealed weapon for sniping that guy 3 cubicles down. This was a fun little Print to play with. I suggest at least 20% infill to keep the arms from breaking.

The Ultimate Catapult  – 3D models

3D models
by roguemat, published Sep 28, 2012

When it’s time to pull out the big guns The catapult is always a head turner. This was another fun print. At 20% infill, this thing can stack on the rubber bands. I left it alone one afternoon and my son was attacking a lego fortification with it.

GigaGremlin’s Rubberband Gun – 3D models

3D models
by GigaGremlin, published Feb 8, 2013

Well, you’ve brought the enemy out. It’s time to confront them with serious firepower. If the modern media has anything to say this thing is a WMD. Overall a fun little shooter. you can easily set up some targets and plink away. The spring I used came from a click pen which seems to be working fine.

Party Popper Claymore – 3D models

3D models
by vik, published Dec 27, 2009

It’s time to put down any remaining resistance. Give them a taste of the grape. This thing is more of a shotgun than a claymore. But it gets the job done Nice and Messy. It also makes a great Idea for a 4th of july print. Give these to the kids and Let them have at it.

I’m thinking of starting a Friday fun format. Where every Friday I post about interesting things I find and print from places like thingiverse. It would be nice to know what the readers think of this format. Eventually, I plan to get a good camera so I can take pics of the prints after I print them and even some video of them in use. Feedback would be great. And if you are reading this I will be putting out a second post with some fun 4th of July prints.

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