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10 Quick 3D Prints to get you ready for the 4th of July

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The 4th of July is a favorite holiday for many Americans. The BBQ’s,Beer,Friends,Family, and Fireworks Usually make for an awesome holiday. This year I wanted to add some 3d prints that can be done over the weekend to add a little safe fun to the holiday. So if you Have a 3d printer and a spool of plastic, sit back grab these files and get printing. For those of you that don’t celebrate the 4th of July. These are still fun party prints Give them a shot.

1) Open a good beer – 4th of July

4th of July
by warpaint, published Jul 3, 2014

Grab a cold one and enjoy your celebration. Be responsible of course but have fun. This bottle opener is a good way to get into the spirit of things, or at least the beer anyway.I would give this a solid 4 layers all around and a 30% infill and you will get a bottle opener that will last. What’s your beer of choice for the 4th?








2) Sparkler Launchpad – 4th of July

4th of July
by Beskytt, published Jul 5, 2013

This is a Great little print that has more than just one use. It’s made to hold sparklers while you light them but you can also use it to hold punks until you need them. Maybe even some of those mosquito repellents as well. Overall this can come in very handy. A good idea might be to go light on the infill and pause the print about half way through to add sand,rice or lead to give it some heft.

3) The SMooSHER – 4th of July

4th of July
by schlem, published Jun 11, 2013

This is another one of those kill 2 birds with one stone options. Flies are a pain but so is wrangling children. Print off a couple of these and let the children loose on those pesky flies bussing around your veggies. Don’t worry they won’t ever hit them (unless you’re the range parent if soo good on you) so you don’t have to worry about flies being smooshed onto your food. It will keep both the files and the kids busy and out of your hair for a bit at least.

4) Party Popper Launcher – 4th of July

4th of July
by jamiekin, published Jul 4, 2012

This one is great you can keep kids happy for a good while using this and the poppers are cheap. Even now you can buy 20 for a buck at most places. Print off a couple of these and watch the fun. You’re going to have a mess but It’s likely to keep the kids happy until nightfall. Or 5 minutes whichever comes first.





5) Working Mini Cannon – 4th of July

4th of July
by Hamburgler_101, published Dec 11, 2015

You already have a ton of poppers right? well print this off and shoot marshmallows at cousin Earl. You know he deserves it for drinking so much and passing out on your favorite lawn chair. Or print a few and have a mini cannon salute. Either way the kids and you will have a blast with this one.










6)The Handcopter – 4th of July

4th of July
by Turtle1, published Feb 1, 2016

Don’t look at me like that. These are fun at any age.Print one grab a chopstick or a pencil and spin away. You heard me. Do It! I can’t tell you how much joy these brought my parents every time I would spin one of these suckers straight into their faces. Ah, the good old days.









7) Bottle Rocket Launchpad – 4th of July

4th of July
by Tothe, published Jan 22, 2014

We all know every one of you will have bottle rockets. Print one of these and do it right. Don’t burn your fingers doing what I know your planning on doing. That dixie cup isn’t going to help much either. With this, you can even let one of the younger ones send a couple skyward. Be safe please.








8) Rocket Plane Glider Set – 4th of July

4th of July
by sparramore, published Jan 31, 2016

Okay so this one is thus far untested by me. But the theory is sound. using a larger bottle rocket you send these skyward and when it pops (If you didn’t buy from those places you shouldn’t I see you, Mr. Anderson I know what’s in your trunk) they will glide back down adding a little extra to your launches.








9) Return of the Party Popper Claymore – 4th of July

4th of July
by vik, published Dec 27, 2009

Yes, I shared this earlier but it’s too good to leave out of this list.  When you get tired of the children covering you with confetti, whip this sucker out and blast them.  Glitter and happily screaming children will scatter in every direction. Then you can go back to your beer in peace.










10) Electronic Fireworks Ignitor – 4th of July

4th of July
by builttospec, published Jul 4, 2011

Ok you got me. This one isn’t quick or easy. It had to go on the list, though. First off who doesn’t want to look like a pro setting of perfectly timed mortar volleys? Sand secondly I don’t Trust any of you I know one of you is going to be too close to these things when it goes off. With this, you get to be the cool guy setting off X amount of timed mortar shots and you get to keep your eyebrows and hearing.






Whatever you do, have a safe and happy 4th of July. I’d rather read stories about how you guys used some of these ideas and turned a good party into a great one. Over a story of how one of you took a mortar to the face. Good luck. Be safe and have fun.

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