3D Samba, the automatic Post-Processing solution from Normfinish®, is now available.

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Normfinish will debut the Normfinish 3D Samba, a new completely automated post-processing system, at Formnext. Designed to process a huge number of 3D printed objects at the same time. A Clean and Smooth version of this blasting method is available.

For more than 50 years, Normfinish has been a well-known brand in the area of surface treatment. There has been a lot of advancement in the realm of 3D printing during the previous few decades
A team of engineers works every day to discover appropriate answers to client questions from all around the world. We created a comprehensive range of finishing machines in close collaboration with the key worldwide companies in the AM sector to address the demand for series finishing of 3D printed products.

The Future of Automation

In addition to automated blasting machines fitted with a smaller or larger basket. With its endless belt, the new Normfinish 3D Samba can finish a series of up to 50 L in volume, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Normfinish 3D Samba is simple to load and unload, with the option of fully automated loading and unloading in the future.

As a result,

the machine is integrated into a continuous print-to-product process.

Shot Peening and Depowdering

The CLEAN version of the Normfinish automatic finishing machines is designed

to depowder 3D printed objects and remove powder and loose pieces.

For some applications, a shotpeen procedure may be desired or necessary.

The surface becomes more uniform, smoother, and has a softer gloss as a result of this. This will also help the overall result of any colour treatment that may be applied in the future. The SMOOTH version of the blast cabinets is designed exclusively for shot peening.

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