Farsoon and Covestro lengthen their partnership duration with polymer 3D printing materials

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Covestro and Farsoon have disclosed plans to launch additional 3D printing powders as the companies seek to add more cement to their partnership.

Covestro operates Farsoon laser Sinterin Systems in its legacy DSM 4D printing facilities in the Netherlands,

and Germany primarily for the processing and printing of new materials.

The materials producer has already launched PBT,

and TPU polymer powders created on Farsoon 252P-series machines,

and is now devoted to the production of additional powders along with upscaling to larger series applications in collaboration with Farsoon.
Farson’s boasts of polymer 3D printing machines that are all open systems that allow operators to optimise process parameters for the material of choice.

The company’s offering comprises of (HT) high temperature and (ST) super temperature configurations, allowing process temperatures of up to 220°C and 280°C,

and the machines are also embedded with powerful laser,

and high-speed scanners.

merging these capabilities with the material expertise of Covestro’s,

Serfert Logistics Group has successfully produced footwear applications using TPU material a Farsoon SS403P machine,

whilst an anonymous automotive partner has 3D printed end-use interior car components using the legacy- DSM PBT Arnite T AM1210 (P) material.

The companies agreed to further their partnership based on the customer successes, with the two firms wanting to promote industrial production with their material offerings and additive manufacturing.

A more proactive engagement with the 3Dmarket

” We are happy to extend opportunities to the 3D printing market by proactively backing new applications with new polymer powders,”
says Dr Dirk Simon,

Managing Director of Farsoon Europe GmbH.
” Farsoon SLS machines are adaptable with Covestro’s polymer powders,

which provides a very interesting property portfolio to form an important bedrock for our customers

‘ market success.” By partnering closely with printer manufacturers,

we can observe materials in the production process and give customers verified printer and material solutions,”

further added Geoff Gardner,

Innovation Director Additive manufacturing at Covestro.

Farsoon SL printers and,

specifically, their Flight technology can run at standard and high temperatures so we can print PBT,

PP and TPU on the same printer.

And with their precision, and productivity,

and cost-efficient parts,

they are well suited for industrial production.”

Source:TCT magazine

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